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Apr 20, 2007 01:41 PM

Cabane a Sucre food-in Montreal ?

I have a craving for a cabane a sucre type of brunch/meal but I don't want to travel outside of the city (not too far away..). Are there any places that serve a cabane a sucre meal that you can recommend to me? Thanks!

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  1. Burgers & Benedicts in the old forum serves a breakfast plate that consists of 2 eggs any style, 2 crepes, beans, ham, cretons, taters & toast. They also serve REAL maple syrup at no extra charge.

    That's all I've got.

    1. Au Pied de Cochon has oreilles de crisse, bines au lard, the infamous plogue à Champlain (which, with a pancake, bacon, egg, cheese, potato and syrup, not to mention foie gras, is kind of sugar shacky), pouding chomeur, tarte à l'érable, etc.

      Last time I was at Au Cinquième Péché, besides a seal-three-ways appetizer, they had a special sugaring-off dessert: a bed of shaved ice on which sat a small bowl of maple-blueberry ice cream with blueberry eau de vie; a small bowl of pouding chômeur; and a long strip of maple taffy with a stick for rolling it up.

      But for an in-town genuine cabane à sucre experience, I, too, am at loss. Never thought of it before but it seems like the concept would be a winner.

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        There is actually a cabane à sucre at Cap Saint-Jacques Nature Park, along the northern edge of the island, in the west:

        Some citizens and businesspeople in the district (former town) of Saint-Laurent, with a large immigrant population hailing from the Middle East, Asia and many other places, organised a "sugar shack in town" for fun and to foster multicultural understanding:

        I don't like that kind of food, but I'm sure there are other venues for those who do.

        Perhaps the Jean-Talon could expand their annual "tire sur la neige" to incorporate a sugaring-off meal in their upstairs space.

        1. re: lagatta

          From the Cap Saint-Jacques farm's website ( ):

          Cabane à sucre
          Nous tenons à aviser notre clientèle que, pour la saison 2007, nous ne servons pas de repas de cabane. Vous pouvez toutefois déguster des crêpes au sirop d'érable et de la tire sur la neige.

          1. re: carswell

            Well, someone has got to get together to offer a Full Cabane à Sucre (along the lines of the Full English) on the island. Morgan Arboretum (beautiful place, by the way, non-Montréalais) only serves hot dogs, German sausages, and "tire sur la neige"...

            It would also be a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate "reasonable accomodation" to Jews, Muslims, vegetarians etc. I think diabetics and people on the Montignac and other llow GI diets are out of luck though...

            By the way, I'm enjoying a wee glass of Fuzion blanco which has arrived at the SAQ.