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Apr 20, 2007 01:39 PM

Unique and romantic in Palm Springs

My husband and I will be in Palm Springs (from CT) next weekend for a convention and are looking for a very romantic and unique place to have a memorable dinner for 2 before the show starts on Friday.
I have been thinking of Melvyn's or Shame on the Moon (both different from each other it seems). Money is not much of an issue. I am a push over for ambiance and we both are kind of foodies who enjoy our wines too.
Interest was also a little peaked by Jillian's.
Please any comments or reviews would be very welcome. The town is pretty full for the convention next weekend so would like to make resevations asap.
Once again Thanks so much and
Have a nice meal.

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  1. Melvyn's is certainly unique and it could be romantic. My SO and I sat side by side on a padded bench in the over-the-top main dining room. The place was full of older locals who knew the waiters by name. There were a few younger people, as guests, but my SO and I were the only ones under 50, maybe 60, paying for our own meal. There was a lot of ceremony, with waiters pushing carts through the rather crowded room and preparing and serving table-side. Melvyn drove up in his Rolls Royce part way through the meal. I half-expected to see Sinatra.

    The food, unfortunately, was only okay. Old-school, meat, veg, potato. However, if you're in the right mood for a retro experience it could be fun--especially since you say you're a pushover for ambiance.

    1. Le Valluris!!! Very romantic, excellent wine list, ask to sit on the patio if the weather is nice under olive trees wrapped with twinkling lights. I don't think of Shame of the Moon as especially romantic (plus it's a bit of a drive) & never considered Melvyn's romantic, plus the food leaves a lot to be desired.

      1. copley's. they have a lovely patio. it is located on the former estate of cary grant. great upscale comfort food. the lobster pot pie is to die for!

        1. Augusta la Plaza Roberge. My spelling may be a bit off, but this is a very unique restaurant. It satisfies all your qualifications; romantic, unique with inspired food. Try to sit on the patio to listen to romantic guitar music. The caveat is, bring your wallet!!!