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Apr 20, 2007 01:24 PM


I'm taking my SO to Monterey for a couple days and looking for a special romantic restaurant for the birthday dinner. Possibilities from reading through some reviews are Pacific's Edge, Casanova, Bouchee, L'Auberge. Any opinions on these or other suggestions?


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  1. We had an amazing dinner at Bouchee. Had the tasting menu which was excellent. The service was top notch and its a small location so it was very romantic. It was a highlight meal during our visit and I would definately recommend it.

    1. I'm hearing things about Melange in Pacific Grove - anyone been? is it romantic?

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        Melange is a small, quiet room with top notch service. The food brings to mind Manresa (Los Gatos) and Marinus (Carmel Valley), but it's not quite up to those restaurants in terms of sophistication. But Melange is half the price of those places.

        Romantic, of course, is in the eye of the beholder. Melange doesn't overlook the ocean or anything like that. For me it's romantic because it's quiet, and features attentive, professional service. Also, they are wine people, if that matters to you.

      2. We stayed in Carmel several weeks ago and had lunch at Casanova and it was delicious, as usual, also the ambience of the resturant is quite romantic. I have never had dinner there, but have had lunch there many times. We did have dinner at Pacific's Edge. The setting is beautiful, but I did not feel that the service and the food were quite up to what one would expect. We enjoyed watching the sunset as we had a glass of wine at the bar. If you get out to Carmel Valley, Cafe Rustica is a wonderful place to have lunch, as there food is soooooo good. Enjoy your visit.

        1. Try Sardine factory request the dome room it's like eating in the middle of a garden.