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Apr 20, 2007 01:21 PM

GREAT date place in downtown/south end?

am going on a date with my boyfriend this evening and we are looking for a wonderful restaurant in boston - downtown or south end preferred. initially i was thinking mantra but we have been there and want to try something new. any suggestions?

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  1. There are many, many worthy places in the South End, but for this specific request, I recommend Hamersley's Bistro. It may be slightly overpriced, but it's consistently good and a Boston classic. Also a nice atmosphere for a date.

    For "new," how about Pop's?

    1. Go to B&G Oyster and if there is a wait, put your name in and have a drink and a cheese plate across the street at The Butcher Shop. They'll come get you when you're table is ready. Corner of Tremont and Waltham.

      1. PS- If you are more specific in terms of atmosphere, size of restaurant, type of food, price range,...etc., I can steer you in the right direction. Have you been to Sorellina?

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          thanks for your reply. haven't been to sorellina - called there and they are booked solid with confirmed reservations. restaurant size is not important. atmosphere should be comfortable and able to have a conversation without shouting across the table.

          have a feeling i am up the proverbial creek with no reservation at 5pm on a friday ...

          1. re: intheq

            Not really. You can walk into many places, despite what a lot of people say, and if you're flexible about hanging out and having a drink at the bar, you'll be surprised at how well you can do. I still think the B&G Oyster/Butcher Shop idea is a good one.
            Mistral has a bigger bar than Sorrelina and your chances of eating at the bar or in the cafe' are pretty good there. #9 Park also takes walk-ins in the Cafe'.

        2. When you're up against a time crunch, it helps to cast your net a little wider: Pigalle (one of my favorite romantic spaces), Teatro (gorgeous room, reasonable prices), Beacon Hill Bistro (great classic French, cool little bar), Blue Room (fine New American), Taranta (one of the North End's moroe interesting spots, kind of Italo-Peruvian), Masa (a much improved Southwestern spot in the South End, good tequila bar), Troquet (if you can go a little later, after the pre-theater crush, like 7:30 or so, a great wine bar with very nice modern French). Just a few thoughts.

          1. In addition to the great places already recommended, I'd also consider Aujourd'hui for French.