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Apr 20, 2007 01:20 PM

Saturday 10 a.m. breakfast village chelsea meatpacking

I am looking for an American breakfast (not southern, so no Pink Teacup; and not french patisserie or bistro). Cookshop doesn't open until 11:30, Jane isn't open until 11:00.

Need 10am, and good big portions but refined place. Prefer village, chelsea, etc. Any suggestions? I know Cafe Orlin is pretty good but it is in the East Village, and prefer more west.

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  1. Florent--French name, but really just good diner food.
    I'm not a fan of Cafeteria, but it has weekday breakfast
    I believe Pastis has weekday breakfast
    There's also Diner in MePa. I've only been once late night for fries, so can't vouch for food quality.

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    1. re: Lucia

      definitely don't want diner, and i'm a little sick of pastis; cafeteria is too mediocre. i guess we could venture to clinton st baking company but it's farther out than i wanted

    2. 202 in Chelsea Market could fit the bill -- I believe they open at 10 am, but I could be wrong...

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      1. re: ABT

        maybe i'm just way too picky but 202 is so wanna-be trendy, and once a french toast and coffee cost me $20 or so. it was very underwhelming, unlike jane's magnificent french toast (sunday's only). looks like i may do clinton st. baking (getting there at 930 to ensure a seat!) but other suggestions WELCOME!

        I may also try Westville since they are next door to me and open at 10am and I love their dinner, but I was hoping for something new.

      2. If you're willing to travel somewhat east of Chelsea, you might consider Cafe at Country, in the Carlton Hotel, on the corner of Madison & 29th. They start serving brunch at 7 a.m. We've never done it, but we have had dinner there twice. The food was very good and portion sizes, while not huge, were more than adequate. Spacious room with stylish decor and tables located all around a very sizable bar. The overall ambiance is refined yet casual.

        1. could consider Cafe Cluny in west village; Havent been but have walked by many times in early morning and know they are open

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          1. re: cbgb

            cluny's 10:30 and probably too stuffy for what i want. i guess we'll go to westville since its close and clinton street is very far. oh well.

            1. re: tennisboy

              according to cafe cluny website the place opens 8am weekdays, 9am sat/sun- again not a recc but an option

          2. 'ino's brunch starts at 9am and you can't beat starting the day with truffled egg toast. And coffee, tea, or OJ is included in the price.

            Morandi also just started serving brunch on the weekends and I think they open at 10am but I would call to make sure.

            There's also Grey Dog Coffee--they open at 7am, I believe.