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Apr 20, 2007 01:19 PM

restaurants near the Fortezza da Basso in Florence

Hi. I'm going to Florence in late June and will be staying near the convention center. Can anyone recommend great, not too expensive places for a meal? Thanks!

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  1. Based on a Google map, the Fortezza is on the edge of downtown Florence and you should be able to walk to many of the restaurants which people have posted on here. It appears to be near the train station and there are lots of restaurants not far from there to choose from.

    1. This may not be much help because I don't know the names of the restaurants, but there are two on Via Porcellana, which is pretty close to the train station, that are terrific and cheap. The first one is small, has white tile on the walls and is always packed. The Florentine Bisteca they serve is off the hook. Also, one night when we couldn't get in there we went to a restaurant down the street (as you walk away from the station), same side of the street, had the best pasta vongele I've ever tasted. I wasn't impressed with any of the places near the Fortezza da Basso, lots of touristy spots. Also, there is a little square behind the mercado and there are a bunch of restaurants with outdoor dining that are very reasonable.

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        The two restaurants are Sostanza (steak and wonderful chicken in butter sauce) and I Tredici (13) Gobbi and they are within a few doors of each other. But from the Fortezza, they are not any closer than many other restaurants of good quality in Florence. Check out a post from early May "Special Recs Florence"