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Apr 20, 2007 01:04 PM

Porter Exchange recommendations, please

I never get over to that area, but I have to be there around lunchtime on Monday. What do you recommend to eat at Porter Exchange, and is there anything in particular that I should look for at Kotobukiya Market? Thanks.

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  1. I love Bluefin! Their ohitashi is fabulous and the sushi/sashimi are fresh and reasonably priced. Definitely try their plum/cucumber roll too-- refreshing and really different.

    1. I usually stick to Cafe Mami, and it's been pretty good for homey Japanese cooking.

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        ditto. i think cafe mami is the best place there. not huge on any of the other stall places, myself.

      2. Cafe Mami spicy beef bowl, or vegetable curry don! I used to pick up spicy beef bowls for our entire office when I worked down there. Also like the adzuki bean buns at the Japonaise bakery.

        At Kotobukiya, I usually pick up lots of Golden or Vermont curry blocks, Pocky and random other crazy candy (Pudding Marshmallow!).

        1. Blue Fin is my stand by for reliable affordable sushi. And Sapporo Ramen is my stand by for, what else, ramen.


          1. I'm at Blue Fin absolutely all the time, and consider myself very lucky to have such a great neighborhood Japanese restaurant.

            Having said that, I feel like this is where it really shines, as a sort of Japanese deli where you can get a very satisfactory B+ take on whatever dish you might be craving. It is not, in my opinion, an unnecessary-road-trip-for-great-chow kind of a place.

            I'd have to agree with limster and Raedia that Cafe Mami is the place to start. I almost invariably get either their oyako bowl or their basic chicken teriyaki and vegetable bowl (with terrific homemade teriyaki sauce). As odd as it may sound, I know several people who routinely drive across town just for their stir-fried teriyaki hamburger.