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Apr 20, 2007 12:59 PM

Fullerton Mexican Recs

Any recs for good sit down mexican in Fullerton

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  1. Go to Placentia (next city over) and eat @ El Farolito. Nothing in Fullerton comes close (maybe except Taqueria De Anda off Orangethorpe/Highland).

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      I heartily 3rd El Farolito in Placentia!

    2. Definitely El Farolito in Placentia or El Farolito Jr. in north Anaheim. For Fullerton proper, there's Anita's New Mexico on Harbor, or get the chiles rellenos at Rockin' Taco Cantina right in downtown. Taqueria de Anda isn't exactly sitdown.

      OCAnn's right -- it's worth the five minutes' drive to bee-yoo-tiful (rolls eyes) downtown Placentia to go to El Farolito. Try to go a bit early (like 6, not like 4:30) to avoid the wait.

      1. Anitas, New Mexican-styled. The service is slow, the food is great. Try the sopapillas.