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Apr 20, 2007 12:49 PM

Boston Marathon Food Report - Thanks, Hounds!

Thanks for all the recs on this board. We went to India Quality Kitchen in Kenmore for dinner pre-race and it was great - just what I wanted. I went with my "safe" usual order because of the marathon, but really wanted to try the goat coconut curry. The samosas were wonderful, as was the bread, saag paneer, and Tandoori mixed grill. I would love to come back on a non-running trip and try the more exotic dishes! Beer list was great, too, although only my husband got to indulge.

Made up for the lack of indulgence after the race at Grotto. The place was small and cozy with great service and reasonable prices. We shared the Fontina cheese fondue with balsamic mushrooms and beef tenderloin for dipping, had delicious salads, and I had the gnocci with short ribs and Gorgonzola and a red wine sauce. DH had the veal osso bucco. They were both very rich, but that was what I was looking for! The short ribs melted in my mouth and the Gorgonzola was the perfect compliment. We shared the banana bread pudding with caramel ice cream for dessert. We rolled out of there very full and happy! Thanks again for the great recommendations. It made the trip that much better, as did the weather clearing up for the race! I had a great first Boston and I'm sure I'll be back.

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  1. It's good to hear you had a great first time in Boston. Congratulations on running in the Marathon. Grotto is one of my favorite Italian restaurants in the area. For future reference, should you return, I thought I heard you can get a 1/2 order of the gnocci with shortribs - a full order can induce an immediate food coma.

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      Yes, it's available as a 1/2 order, which I find to be a perfect dinner portion!

    2. India Quality is a hound fav and a can't miss. Grotto is also a favorite here. Excellentr choices.

      What was your time, BTW? I finished just behind the leaders at 2:17.

      (My nose! Why is it...growing?)

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        Bob, was that you I saw on the motorcycle?????

        Lauren- Congratulations and thank you for the follow-up post. I've got to get into Grotto. Do they have a bar there? Every Bar Guy needs a bar.... Thank you.

        1. re: BostonBarGuy

          I don't think there is a bar there? I don't recall seeing one.

          1. re: Dax

            No bar at Grotto. The place is tiny. Beer and wine only.

            1. re: Chickpea

              Grotto also has a cordial license, and aside from serving cordials as the license intended (fortified wines, liqueurs, and bitters mainly served neat before or after dinner), also serves some cordial-based cocktails. Most of these are kind of sickly-sweet, but a few are based on flavored vodkas and are not terrible. (Kind of tough to bother with these, with No. 9's bar around the corner.)

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          My time was 3:40:54. That gave me a qualifying time at Boston, which was my goal. Not my best, but the weather and the hills made for a hard day! I guess you were already showered and at lunch by the time I finished;)