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Apr 20, 2007 12:39 PM

oysters and beer and a weekend drive

Hello everyone-
getting out of the city for the wkd...tired of paying $2.25 for oysters -- any recs either north or south of Boston? jeans, red sox game...you know the best of what New England has...

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  1. How far you feel like driving?
    I've been known to make a good two hour drive here when I have an itch for oysters.

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      We were just talking about Glidden Point oyster farm last night. We discovered it last summer on our way back up the coast from a visit to the Boothbay Aquarium. We notice a road side sign saying Glidden Point oyster farm factory outlet store. Since we didn't know what was for dinner we pulled in. There's a cute little shed next to the driveway and there's no one there except a very friendly golden retriever. There are signs explaining the offerings, a fridge full of oysters, an ice machine, bags, shucking knives, everything you need and a cash box - IT"S SELF SERVE! And they had "You can't make friends with salad" t-shirts. We stocked up, paid honestly, and had a fabulous oyster feed when we got home.

      No Red Sox though.

      1. re: crawfish

        oh man, I love it! I think I'll put them at the top of my list...

      2. re: Infomaniac

        What a find! Glidden Cove was just what the doctor ordered -- 12 huuuuge briny Glidden Cove oysters for $14! the young girl at the stand was aptly handling not only us but the overwhelming family that "has been coming here for years"...she gave us a bag of ice to go and we found ourselves in Wiscasset shucking the oysters ourselves for a wharf-side picnic (got the oyster shucker at LeRoux Kitchen in Portland)....oh so good! thank you!

      3. You might try the Jamestown Oyster Bar in Jamestown, RI - a little over an hour south of Boston. Great locally raised oysters, lobster cakes that are superb. Casual dress, friendly staff and Red Sox on flat screen TV at the Bar.

        East Bay B & B (www.eastbaybnb.com)is just a hop, skip & jump away if you want to do an overnight.

        Jerry Saywell

        1. Take a ride down tot he Cape and try the Oyster Company in Dennisport. Owned by a local oyster farmer, they often have mid day specials of 75 cents per slurp! Worth the drive!