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Just opened this week in Nortborough, across from Romaines.
I recognized on of the sushi chefs fro Fugakyu I beleieve. Well decorated, maybe 50 seats with the suhi bar.
Had Makimoto(sp). 4 nigiri with sauteed sea urchin, tuna, salmon and shrimp. Salmon skin roll and a spicy tuna hand roll. All the sushi was super fresh, the rice the correct temp. The spicy suce with the urchin was phenomenal. Mayo based.The sushi menu s somewhere between oiishi and suburban. Definately better quality than most. And, the fish was sliced thicker than oga, and equally tender with the right texture
SO had shrimp udon noodles. Greta flavor to the shrimp. The noodles had that Japanese subtleness I love.
Sake cocktails weer ok. a pom martini was warm, just eh. A sake with syrup, lime etc was very good, but neither had any kick. Will just enjoy sake next time

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  1. Anyone else have a report on Mikaku in Northborough? Can't find a website anywhere. Yelp has a couple of positive reviews, but that's all I've seen.