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Apr 20, 2007 12:26 PM

Taranta Tonight

Finally getting to try this out after reading so many posts. Any absolutely "must haves" (besides the sea urchin dish which I am going to pass on) ? :)

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  1. Sadly, the sea urchin pasta is long gone. The yuca gnocchi w/ lamb sauce is an eternal winner, as are the tuna and the pork chops--they've all been on the menu for a long time for good reason. So has the espresso-crusted filet, though I've never tried that.
    Introduce yourself to Jose if you get a chance and you'll have a gracious host for life.

    1. I was there for the first time last Sat. The filet mignon was the best my husband & I have ever experienced. We'll BOTH order it the next time!

      1. I suggest the muscles to start- the sauce is so good that you'llI want to eat it with a spoon. I also really enjoyed the Gnocchi di Yuca with lamb ragu- it's a little bit spicy and has a really nice flavor.

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          A neighbor and colleague of mine also recommended th Gnocchi with lamb ragu so that definitely sounds like a must.

          Thanks to all.

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            Another fan of the mussels with Marsala and yuca gnocci with spicy green lamb ragu. I've also always enjoyed their fish dishes, and a friend recently raved about the lobster ravioli.

          2. If you like tuna i absolutely love the tuna dish that they have on the menu! its delicious!