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Apr 20, 2007 12:01 PM

Help with Scottsdale restaurant choices

My husband and I will be visiting Scottsdale for the first time this coming May. We will be staying at the Phoenician for five nights. I have made some tentative restaurant choices, but I am not sure where they are distance wise from the hotel.

After reading many reviews we are thinking of the following:

Our first night we plan on having dinner at the hotel's Windows on the Green.

Other choices for the following nights are:

Lou's, Roys, Rancho Pinot, Deseo and Roaring Fork.

Any thoughts, suggestions, etc. would be appreciated.


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  1. if you definitely want to stay in scottsdale, i would definitely consider sea saw if you like japanese fusion (that sounds so lame to describe sea saw) but it's quite expensive. if that's not a problem and you're adventurous, go for the special omakase - helps to call ahead.

    a definite drive but up at the end of pima road (and a left turn) is binkley's in cave creek. my other very favorite. still pricey but nowhere near sea saw and incredible.

    1. by Lou's do you possibly mean Lon's? If so, it is an absolute must. Also our restaurant here at the Biltmore is gaining steam as one of the top dining rooms in the city. Rancho Pinot is a wonderful little neighborhood southwestern cafe, and boasts a fantastic wine list. Roy's is the only one on your list that I could do without... you can get Roy;'s in any city, why not try something exclusive to Phoenix?

      If you like Seafood, Wildfish Grille is the premier seafood in town and only 1.5 miles from your hotel. I would hit Cowboy Ciao over the Roy's choice. Cowboy Ciao is a very intriguing Southwestern American cuisine and features 750 wines by the glass, its similar to Roaring Fork though a bit more upscale and happening. Easily the top referral in Old Town Scottsdale.

      1. The Phoenician is right on the border between Phoenix and Scottsdale, so you have access to the best of both cities, plus Paradise Valley, which is nestled between them.

        With the exception of Lou's (Lon's?), the restaurants you have named are east of your hotel in Scottsdale. Because I haven't been to any of them recently, I'm going to recommend a few others that are west of your hotel on the east side of Phoenix. None is more than five miles from the Phoenician.

        Fine dining:


        T. Cook's

        Casual Dining:


        Pita Jungle
        Note: the Web site does not reflect the Arcadia location, which is the one I am referring you to. Also, because the Arcadia location is new, the liquor license may still be pending.

        I've recently become addicted to Google's new MyMaps feature, so see this link for a customized map of these restaurants in relation to the Phoenician. Enjoy your visit.

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        1. re: silverbear

          Thank you all for your great suggestions. Yes, I did mean Lon's. The reason I chose Roy's is that we do not have one close to where we live, Chico, CA. However, I think Cowboy Ciao sounds like a terrific replacement.
          More suggestions and ideas of restaurants close to The Phoenician would be greatly appreciated.

          1. re: 45chico

            I think also the concierge at The Phoenician would be more than happy to assist, otherwise you will surely get a few more reccommendations here.

            1. re: 45chico

              If you like Thai food try Malee's on Main St. in Scottsdale. Take Camelback east to Scottsdale Rd. then go right until you reach Main and make a right. Malee's will be on your left within a block. Probably 20 minutes from the Phoenician max unless there is some traffic snag. We have been regulars there for several years and the staff and food are lovely.

              Also continuing straight on Main will end at the Hotel Valley Ho; a reincarnation of one of the first hotels in Scottsdale. Great mid-century modern re-do. They have a nice restaurant inside called ZuZu (b-fast, lunch and dinner), great bar and they have opened up a Trader Vics on the property which is also very good. Both areas can be quite crowded and loud sometimes if you go later although we were just there and it was mellow.

              Also Razz's on Scottsdale Rd at Shea is great and the owner/chef is almost always behind the bar/open kitchen cooking. Again, can be crowded and having a drink/app at the bar is a good way to check it out.

              The Sanctuary Resort and their restaurant Elements is relatively close and wonderful. The booths that face Camelback Mountain are very private and afford the best view for a nice dinner. We had an excellent, but $$ dinner there and it would definitely be worth a visit if you are up for that.

              1. re: iwannaeat

                I think Malee's is a good call. It's really not much more than 2 miles from the Phoenician. It's upscale, relative to most Thai places, and has a variety of asian food.

                1. re: johnseberg

                  Thanks for the Malee's recommendation. It sounds terrific. I did make a reservation at Tarbell's and also Lon's. Now I need to decide on our remaining two evenings and have narrowed it down to Rancho Bistro, Roaring Fork, Deseo and Malee's.

                  All of you that live in the Scottsdale area are so lucky to have so many wonderful restaurants.

                  Any suggestions for a couple of lunches? Food on the light side, salads, etc., preferably out of doors.

                  Again, thank you

                  1. re: 45chico

                    I really recommend Rancho Pinot - locally-sourced produce, seasonal, rotating menu, outstanding wine service, really a great place and a long-time favorite of mine. I took my parent's there for their anniversary last year to very high praise.

                    Nonni's chicken is great, as is the grilled asparagus appetizer and any dessert. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Enjoy.

                    1. re: 45chico

                      Fusion might be a nice option for lunch too. It's near Scottsdale Rd & Camelback.


                      1. re: 45chico

                        A couple of lunch options:

                        Grazie has good salads, and you could get a small wood-fired Margherita pizza (just to taste). They have outdoor seating, and not a very big lunch crowd.

                        Arcadia Farms - Definately a LIGHT lunch. I believe they have outdoor seating.

                        1. re: 45chico

                          La Grande's only a few miles from the Phoenician and a great place to grab lunch and sit outside.

                          I also second the recommendation for Arcadia Farms as well.

                          1. re: 45chico

                            Rancho Pinot would be a great choice and unique to the area. I would also suggest putting Cowboy Ciao back on your list. Not something you'll find anywhere else and just an amazing wine list. Fun atmosphere and great food. Have a great trip.


                            1. re: 45chico

                              You might look into AZ88 for lunch. It's a fun place with a nice patio and pretty good food.

                              1. re: KCRob

                                if you go there, you have to try the moscow mule. it's a bizarre drink but it's so grown on me. vodka, ginger beer & cucumber. at az88, they serve it in this great ice cold copper mug which is really cool. great, great hot weather drink.

                              2. re: 45chico

                                I had a strange and unexpectedly satisfying late lunch at Stingray one day.

                                Now, this restaurant gets a lot of bad rep for many reasons.
                                When you said out of doors, I thought of this place. Their little patio sits right ON Scottsdale road (their real entrance on the side can be hard to find). A very busy street. Lots of cars, but also quite a few people walking by, and it was a nice people-watching place, a la Champs-Elysees, except you are fenced in.

                                I say it was strange since I was the only one out on the patio at that hour for a while, and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of their sashimi as I did at RA sushi. I have to say I had underestimated Scottsdale!

                                The servers were fun. Great service. I was almost done when a family of about 15 crammed in next to my table.

                                It was also a pricey late lunch, but I enjoyed it.

                                1. re: grocerytrekker

                                  I think Stingray is underrated. Because of its location, it tends to get lumped in with the other Scottsdale trendy "see and be seen" sushi places, but I've found the atmosphere fairly unpretentious and the food tasty. I'm not a big sushi afficianado, so I really enjoy the udon noodles and other cooked dishes on the menu. I also like the draft beers. I enjoy the typical bottle of Kirin Ichiban offered in many Japanese restaurants, but sometimes a pint of something different is welcome.

                                2. re: 45chico

                                  Delux, mentioned in my first post, has a small patio. Admittedly, it faces a parking lot, but that's not uncommon here. Delux is a good lunch choice. There are entree salads on the menu, so the meal does not have to be a heavy burger-and-fries experience.

                        2. The original comment has been removed