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Apr 20, 2007 12:01 PM

Angeli Caffe - what should I order?

I am going here to celebrate a birthday on Sunday - any recommendations on what to order?


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  1. I usually I get the penne arrabiata or the linguine fruitti de mare...also any of their seasonal vegetables-they'll usually tell you what is available that evening, but if not, be sure to ask. I've had excellent braised spinach with olive oil/garlic, same with asparagus...also great cremini mushrooms...we usually order a few different vegetables from the antipasti selections as well for the table to share. Years ago she had warmed kalamata olives with wilted radicchio (that I was unsure about, but should have never doubted)- incredible! The eggplant polpette are good to nibble on with the first glass of wine....the BF likes lasagne both traditional as well as the vegetable one, which is lighter on the tummy, but both equally good. I love the simplicity of their food...admittedly I've never had the special pizza, veal, fish or more substantial entrees, tho' a friend loves their roasted chicken with lemon and herbs. I rarely have room for dessert, so have-at-it and enjoy your(?) birthday.

    1. get them to bring you as much of the pizza dough bread as you can hold!

      Get whatever gniocci she has that day. Also, the roasted chicken is really good.

      The Burrata is faboo, and the scamorza (boriled smoked mozzarella and tomatoes). I also like the ceasarish salad. Of the pizzas, the one with roasted garlic is yummy, and any special pizza will be great. the one with braised greens, if she has it, is excellent!

      gert the grande frittura mista for an appetizer, and get a good sampling of stuff.

      If she is doing anything with pizza meradona, go for it, but it is filling! I like the pizza vegetariana-all yummy veggies.
      Fpr a break from wine, ask what beers they have, Evan is a fan of some interesting beer, maybe she'll have some on hand.

      Get the curd tart or chocolate bread pudding for dessert!

      Have fun, you lucky thing! Happy Birthday.

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      1. re: Diana

        my SO was not a big fan of bread pudding until Angeli. we were pretty stuffed but the waiter insisted we order the BP. once he ate a few bites he pretty much ate the whole thing and now he orders BP where ever he goes.

        1. re: trolley

          I know, that stuff is addictive. I swear, the pasrty chef must put crack in it!

      2. BEST Roast Chicken ever!!!! I love Angeli and everything is delicious, but the famous roast chicken is amazing. mmmm

        1. Sausage & onion pizza, Angeli (veg) lasagna, potato croquettes. Whatever appeals to you! It's hard to go wrong.