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Apr 20, 2007 11:47 AM

K Japanese Fusion on W. Broadway

Has anyone been to this restaurant yet? It is BYOB and am thinking about throwing a birthday dinner there. Thanks!

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  1. What's the name of the restaurant?

    1. My roommate just went there on account of BYO, and she wasn't too pleased. Said the food was ehhh.

      1. I've never eaten here, but walk by every day - it's at most 10% full at any time. It's really nice looking on the inside... it just got zero press when it opened probably four months ago. I did not see it mentioned anywhere until this past week on Thrillist when they highlighted the BYOB feature. Plus it has an unsearchable name - "K"
        I would try and swing by and try it before planning a party.

        1. I just had a group dinner there last night. The food was solid, but nothing amazing. I read reviews on other boards about the poor service, which is pretty spot-on. It is not that anyone was rude, just unattentive and lacking that professional edge, which was hard to understand with only two bills in the entire place. When 5 tables filled up, the staff looked completely out of their league. As of yesterday, their liquor license is still pending, so BYO is a welcome option. The chilled out bottles (some of which already were) but forgot to actually serve them until we asked.

          I found the fish used in the ceviche not very fresh. Most of the people at the table ordered the steak, which came out very nice, but the vegetables were cold. Someone who got the shrimp said they were good, and they looked it. One person went for a lobster roll, which was okay, almost too sweet, but nothing to write home about.

          One of my friends automatically became that person for whom everything they order is out. No scallops, no lobster (I assume this was different lobster than in the sushi roll) and the coffee she ordered never materialized. In fact, no ones coffee showed up. Not that I was surprised, but there was no effort to make it up to her. They also told her this shortly before the other plates came out, so she was waiting for quite a while for both app. and entree.

          It doesn't warrant a repeat visit, which is just a fact of life when you're spoiled for choice. The space is nice and comfortable, though, so hopefully they get it together at some point.