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Apr 20, 2007 11:43 AM

Who's Who burgers

Anybody been here? Any good?

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  1. It's pretty good, not great. Their main claim to fame is the kobe burger, which is good, but I'd rather eat at Angry Dog or Uptown Bar & Grill.

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    1. re: vktp

      I would agree with the assessment that they are pretty good, but not fabulous. Their Kobe burger is worth trying if you are in the neighborhood.

    2. I attempted to dine at Who's Who Burgers today in Highland Park Village. It was a horrible experience.

      I ordered a burger well done. It was served pink on the inside. I told the girl working the counter it was not cooked well-done. She asked if I wanted a new burger or if I wanted them to continue to cook the first burger. I told her the first burger would be fine. The chef scraped the cheese off and put it back on the grill... Then he continuously picked it up and fingered it to check it's status. They then gave me the re-heated / finger handled burger. I returned to my table disgusted and gave the burger to my daughter.

      I decided this really was not right and told the girl at the counter I wanted my money back... She went away for a moment, I assumed to get the manager but in fact she walked over to where we were sitting and took the uneaten burger away from my daughter. She simply marched over, picked it up and said, "I have to take this, your mother wants her money back." Then she gave my daughter the money back.

      I am simply appalled. It truly was the most disturbing restaurant experience I have ever had. And at an eatery in Highland Park Village! These people should be ashamed of themselves!

      I asked who the manager was and she handed me a business card and said he would be in on Wednesday... Their website says "having Rudy Rodriguez as General Manager, who affords and GREAT SERVICE and ATTENTION to your needs." Unfortunately Phil Romano is sadly mistaken. This restaurant fails miserably!

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      1. re: TCUfilm

        I would not expect anything great from Who's Who. The burgers are just ok. I have never had a bad experience like TCUfilm did, but maybe it is because I don't expect much when I go there and I would never order a hamburger well done.

        1. re: TCUfilm

          You were too disgusted to eat it so you gave to your daughter. Ok. You also wanted your money back while your daughter ate a free hamburger. I would have returned the burger and I asked for my money back. Failing to get my money back, I would have left and never returned. Not all restaurant experiences are pleasant, even in Highland Park Village. By the way, touching meat with a finger is the best way to gauge how done the product is, usually the customer doesn't see it. It is much prefered to piercing the meat with a fork.

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            LOL. You were so disgusted by how the burger was handled that you gave it to your daughter. Classy.

          2. I think Who's Who is horrible. D Magazines critic Teresa Gubbins wrote a while back that it was her fav burger. What planet is she on? A critic thinks those are good burgers. It should be closed

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            1. re: StickyPam

              i think "D Magazines critic Teresa Gubbins" is right on! haha.

              what burger does StickyPam like best? maybe we can meet there and you can show me what a good burger tastes like.

              i always liked who's who becuz, when they opened in 2002, they were one of the first places locally to turn burgers into a serious, high-minded deal. i still haven't seen anyone do that better. but i am ready to be enlightened by someone who knows more than i. enlighten me, oh StickyPam

            2. Their Kobe was good when I ate there in 2007, but that's been a long time and many moons ago especially in a new comer restaurants life span. There are to many good burger places in town to hit the same ones on any frequency unless you really enjoy them. For instance I hit Balls on a more regular basis. I would hower not expect a well done piece of meat to be "the bomb" regardless of where it was ordered.