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Apr 20, 2007 11:34 AM

Soda Pop in cake...texture?

Ok, this is not the unbiquitous diet soda and cake/brownie mix (im too scared to try this, sounds disguisiting...cake without butter or eggs??? blasphamy) I am thinking about making a whip cream cake. I know that traditionally, cake flour is used for a light, airy crumb. However, I do not have any cake flour, just all-purpose. Yeah, I could do the whole sifting thing w/ added cornstarch, but I was thinking something a little would a homemade white cake mix with plain carbonated water (im afraid lime or any flavor would totally throw off the "whip cream" effect), oil, butter, sugar ect (all the usual cake ingredients) with whip cream folded in would be. Would the soda mean less eggs and no baking powder? How does cooking with whip cream affect texture? What about cooking with soda? Will the cake have a "bite" to it? (I'm really not after that). Just trying to be creative! Thanks!

PS--i was also does mousse change baking? If I folded it into a batter I assume it would melt, but does it get all carmelized/gooey? So, theoretically, if I folded mousse into a cake mix will it still be somewhat airy????

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  1. The majority of your questions I cannot answer. However, I have made a chocolate mousse cake that has mostly egg whites and such - it is certainly airy, but so much so that it rises up big and tall and beautiful, and then falls upon cooling.

    1. not much help either, sorry, but just wanted to chime in that I have done the pop cake think and it wasn't bad, but the texture is a bit more crumbly...I've used it when making a triffle when no one really notices the cake, with all the other ingredients (at least in this version - pudding, whipped cream, candy bars, etc...)