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Apr 20, 2007 10:51 AM

Paso Robles Weekend Review (long)

Our weekend in Paso Robles could not have been better. Thank you to all for your amazing winery and food recs. We were so amazed by how beautiful the landscape is there. All of the winding roads and oaks were so beautiful. Everything was green and blooming and we really felt peaceful. What was amazing to us was that we did not see one tour bus and most wineries were not overun with people. Maybe its because we stayed mostly on the east of 101 and it was a Friday but it was so different from tasting in Napa or Santa Barbara. It was definately our favorite wine tasting trip so far. Here is a review of our trip:

Day 1

First to Linne Calodo: Amazing! The wines were so robust, and had so much flavor, definately one of our favorite wine tastings. We actually loved their dessert wine, it was very rich. $7/tasting

Picnic at Carmody Mcknight: If you want to picnic, I would highly recommend this winery, its pretty far off the beaten path but worth it. The wine was very good, we bought a cab for our lunch that was excellent. Tasting was $3 for about 6 wines and some olive oil that they make. The grounds are lovely and they have great tables right next to their pond.

Tasting at Tablas Creek: We were actually a little dissapointed here. Maybe it was because we had high expectations, but the wine was just OK. They also were not that friendly and we felt rushed. $5 tasting

Adelaida: A highlight. Not only were they extremely nice but the wine was excellent. We ended up buying the most here, because the Zin was very good and we bought their dessert wine, Ice, which we loved. $5

Tobin James: We didn't like it here, but to each his own. Wines were OK, but it was not really our scene. Free tasting was nice though.

For dinner we went to Villa Creek and ate at the bar. We could not have any more wine that day so we had some drinks from the bar which were nice. Food I would say was pretty good. Had a posole type soup & carnitas tacos which were very good. The "kobe" beef sirloin was ok, maybe a little overcooked. The braised pork belly & polenta was sort of a miss, it wasn't very tender and there was maybe a tablespoon of polenta. Its a nice restaurant with a good atmosphere, maybe next time we would not sit at the bar and try some things from the actual menu.

Day 2

Paso Olivo: Definately worth stopping for. The shop is very cute with all sorts of french inspired art, linens and books. The olive oil was so amazing, and we had a great time tasting them all, we especially liked the lime infused oil.

Went to Dover Canyon for a final tasting before heading down the coast to drive home. Dover Canyon was our favorite tasting. It is a very small winery with a tiny tasting room. They had about 10 different wines available for tasting and for $3 you could pick any 5. Their wines were very good and we bought a 2005 Tre Noce which was our favorite. They were very friendly and we really enjoyed ourselves.

We had a wonderful time in Paso Robles and as always would not have found all of the great wineries without the hounds. Thanks for all the recs! We can't wait to go back!

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  1. Great report! I'm so excited to go in the next 2 weeks. I'm definatly taking notes off your report. . .

    1. Thanks for the report. I just wanted to make a small correction. Most of the wineries you visited were on the west side of 101. Tobin James is the only one you mentioned on the east side.

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        You are right! I don't know why I said east.

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          Hi, Carlie!
          Glad you had a good time. We were just there last week, & believe it or not, rented a house PAST Justin and Carmody McKnight. I looove Linne Calodo's wines. We went to Tablas Creek, and really enjoyed it, especially the Esprit de Beaucastel. They were really nice to us and our 3 year old. You must have encountered the wrong person working. Agree on the Dover Canyon Tre Noce; we bought that and the Menage. Next time you go up, I highly recommend dinner at Artisan (I have a review here and a trip report on Trip Advisor), and tasting at Silver Horse & Lone Madrone. We are going to the wine festival next month; highly recommend that; it's a lot of fun.

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            hey there- thanks for the ideas, we definately plan to go up there again so any other winery ideas are welcome. I wonder if we didn't enjoy Tablas as much because we had already been two 2 wineries with strong reds. Maybe we will try again next time. I read about Artisan, definately will try something new for dinner next time, and that restaurant sounds good! Have fun at the wine festival!

      2. One of my favorite wines is Adelaida Recess Red. Its a blend of various reds but I can't find it anymore. Hope they continue it next year.

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          I have found the Recess Red at CostCo lately

        2. I love Paso Robles! I would only change one thing- we actually had a wonderful dinner at villa creek (their wine selection is excellent also). In fact it was right in line with the other great restaurants we ate at on our trip down the coast (including gary danko and post ranch inn)- although obviously more casual. I also agree that everyone should stop at paso olivo- so much fun!

          1. Thanks for the report! I'll be passing it along to the people I spent this weekend with.

            I'm a wine newbie, but spent this weekend with a big group of wine lovers. Went wine tasting and it was really fun. I totally agree with your assessment of Tablas Creek, although our group tasted 8 wines for $5, so they had the biggest tasting panel of all the wineries we visited. I think the group consensus was that going there post-Turley made it seem disappointing.

            Turley was the big hit for us. Great little facility and the group was big enough to be taken to a private tasting room. I actually didn't sample much at this tasting, but the reds were a big hit. Their claim to fame, apparently, is that their vines are very old and not grown from grafts. I don't know wines that well, but I can say that the staff was fabulous and knowledgeable. I think we spent the most time there for the smallest amount of wines tasted.

            My favorite was Justin, but I tend to gravitate towards sweeter and fruitier wines. My BF's aunt picked up a bottle of their 2006 Sauvignon Blanc for us, which is light and citrusy.

            We stayed in Cayucos and ate at Hoppe's. I was a little disappointed in my choices for dinner (grill quail appetizer and the pheasant pizza), but that's another story.