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Apr 20, 2007 10:47 AM

Wine in a Box

Has anyone reviewed the newer boxed wines from other than the Franzia, Peter Vella and Almaden sources.
We tried the Hardy's Shiraz and the Three Thieves Cab.
How about the others ?
Any comments.
I know that they won't be great, but more than drinkable ?

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  1. We tried the Fisheye Chardonnay. Tastes the same in a box as it did in the bottle. Not great, but not bad.

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    1. re: mojoeater

      That pretty much sums up some of the companies that are boxing their wines. It tastes just like what is in the bottle ... Fish Eye, Three Thieves, Corbet Canyon. I was never a fan of the earlier boxed wines like Black Box or Hardy's. Actually I have an active dislike of Hardy's.

      The good thing about the boxed wines that taste like bottled is you can buy a bottle first to see if you like it instead of having to commit to the box ... though some boxes are smaller like Three Thieves. In that case I prefer the compact box to the clunkier bottle.

      I'm blanking on who makes those 1-2 glass boxes. They are good ... taste like the bottle and give the option when I only need a small amount of wine for something.

      This might not be a revelation to anyone else, but not all those boxes are the bag-in-box type of packaging like Franzia. So opening something like the Three Thieves box is no different from opening a bottle of wine. It doesn't keep for long periods of time.

      1. re: rworange

        The little boxed wine I liked was Vendage. Like the others, it tasted like the botttled version. Ditto on Glen Ellen.

        I forgot one wine I tried and wasn't crazy about ... Trove. It is more expensive than Black Box and the quality isn't as good. My old report on it.

    2. I find black box to be perfectly respectable for a cheap wine. Jumping rabbit? (may not be exactly that) is pretty decent too.

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      1. re: kolgrim

        Cook's Illustrated did a review of a few boxed wines fairly recently.

        1. re: kolgrim

          Yeah, I usually have a cask of Black Box on the kitchen counter. Makes a tasty affordable weeknight wine.