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Apr 20, 2007 10:44 AM

Cafe Asean? Recommendations??

I'm trying to find a nice, not too expensive place to have dinner tonight (there are two of us). I found a number of posts that strongly endorsed Cafe Asean. None of them were too recent and I was wondering if it is still as good as the posts a few years back make it sound? And if so, any recommendations?


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  1. We went a few months ago and I had forgotten how much I like the place. I think we split a starter of Hu Tieu broad rice noodles sauteed with beef or chicken and bok choy with beef, very tasty. I like the grilled hanger steak marinated with soy and lemongrass a lot, also the grilled pork chop marinated with lemongrass and honey. Nice bottle of wine, gentle prices.

    Must get back there.

    1. I always love this beef curry they have with sweet potatoes. I love Cafe Asean. It is so simple and wonderful.

      1. I'm also a fan. Great value and cozy atmosphere. The back patio should be nice tonight.

        Try the monkfish appetizer, all the noodle dishes are good. I agree on the porkchop as well. The lemongrass snapper is good as well.

        Cash only.

        1. I thought I'd renew this thread. I passed this place recently and thought it looked inviting. Does it still have any Chow fans out there?

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              it's a regular spot for me as i live in the area. everyone ive taken to there has enjoyed it for what it is. i usually get the bee hoon or any of the noodle dishes. everything is solid actually. pork ribs with a peanut sauce was also a solid appetizer option.

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                The mee goreng is excellent; a few lightly charred tidbits reminds me of the same noodle dish in Penang. (Last time I asked, the chef was from Malaysia, as is owner and executive chef Simpson Wong.) Thanks for the reminder; I'm due for a return visit!

                Dave Cook