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Apr 20, 2007 10:38 AM

Best Brunch b/w bin wine cafe, hot choc and sola?

what is the best brunch, taking into account quality of food, interesting menu, service and ambience out of Sola, Bin Wine Cafe and Hot Chocolate? Or if not those, do you have another that these sparked in your mind? thanks!

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  1. You can judge the menus yourself; brunch menus for all three are viewable on their websites:

    Sola -
    Bin Wine Cafe -
    Hot Chocolate -

    I would add to the mix:

    Sweets and Savories -
    North Pond -

    They're all good choices...

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      P.S. I assume from your choices that you're looking for a place with an a la carte brunch menu that is more than mostly eggs, hence my choices.

      The places in Chicago that specialize in breakfast/brunch are also good choices: Kitsch'n, Flo, Wishbone, Orange, M. Henry, Lou Mitchell's, etc. So are the hotel places that do lavish buffets. You can read more here:

    2. i haven't been to any of those places but my favorite brunch spots are Orange on Harrison, M. Henry, and Over Easy.

      1. I'm new to town and ate at Hot Chocolate on Saturday and Feast this morning for brunch. Out of the two, Feast was much more enjoyable. Although we enjoyed the ambiance at Hot Chocolate (and the mini cupcakes) the food on a whole was not stellar. I really enjoyed the steak there ("Kobe" style) my eggs were WAY too salty. The coffee was good, in it's own little french press, and the service was good as well. Today at Feast I had a killer breakfast burrito. I've had breakfast burritos before, but this was huge (almost Chipotle big) and pretty perfect. It had tomatoes, eggs, sour cream, guacamole, and refried beans in a fresh- tasting flour tortilla served with salsa cruda. My SO had an omelet and wouldn't share so I know it was good. My friends had the oatmeal pancakes which were badass. You can sit outside there too, and on a day like today it was perfect.

        1. If I had an option, I would go to Atwood. Everything there has just been fabulous. But there are so many places for brunch in and around the city. Is there a dish or a drink you have in mind? We could start from there to get you the brunch you desire. If you're looking for a buffet brunch, I would suggest the Ritz.