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Apr 20, 2007 10:31 AM

Good Afternoon TEA, westside area

I was wondering if there is a place (that I haven't tried yet) that serves a good afternoon tea on the weekend (great food and tea) on the westside that isn't part of a hotel? I have been to most of the major hotels around (except for Casa Del Mar, which now doesn't serve afternoon tea) as well as places such as CHADO, Paddington's,Clementine's, Huntington Library, etc. Has anyone been to the Pacific Dining Car for tea?

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  1. Have you been to the Tudor House in Santa Monica?

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    1. re: Bria Silbert

      Yes, would not know what they say about english cooking. The shop is good, though, to buy tea and snacks.

    2. I actually like the PCD for tea. I take my grandmother there from time to time. It's not the fancy hotel tea experience, but I've never had a problem walking without reservations either. Tea selection is not huge, but it's pretty good. You get a plate of sandwiches, a basket of scones and sweets, tea, and a choice of sherry or champagne. Cost is around $20.

      Service is top-notch, and the atmosphere is very quiet and relaxing (the last time I went ot the Penninsula, there was a very loud baby shower going on which ruined the experience).

      Again, it's not the fancy hotel, but it's very nice in a different way.

      1. I love the edibles Jin Patisserie's tea, though they've really let their courtyard dining area go downhill -- the once oasis like atmosphere looks more like a swamp meets desert now.


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          I too thought the patio was a let down when I went about a month ago. There's "rustic charm" and then there's "we fenced off a patch of dirt and put in some rickety furniture."

          I also didn't like either tea we tried. One was a rooibos that smelled fine but was very weak, the other I forget (it was a number, maybe #261 blend?) but it was also very weak. Paired with their plate of assorted sweets and sandwiches, the teas were so overpowered they might as well have been hot water. Yes, perhaps we just chose poorly, but I specifically asked the server if the one I ordered was a nice strong tea and her response was "yes, it's very popular." That didn't really answer my question or get me what I wanted.

        2. Pacific Dining Car has nice scones, but not much of a tea selection. Which element of the tea service interests you most, the food or the tea or the ambience?
          There's a new place called T on Fairfax (not quite westside, I know), which is a sort of a la carte tea experience, but they have some nice sandwiches.

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            I am interested in GOOD food, mostly; the teas, if they are good quality and loose, I can usually pick from a few. Fairfax isn't too far. Where is "T" between?

            1. re: slinky

              Ooops, I just looked up T only to find it was closed! I thought it had just opened a few months ago... This town is quick.
              If you like loose leaf teas, Pacific Dining Car isn't your place. I believe they only have bags...