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Apr 20, 2007 09:43 AM

Board meeting in Harvard area - out of towners!


I am putting together the meeting rooms and some dinners for a board meeting for our organization in Boston. I've never been and I'd like some leads on nice places that can accomodate a group of our size (15-20). We'll be staying around Harvard (Cambridge?) so any suggestions would be very much appreciated. Specifically I'm wondering about the following:

1. Weekend breakfast spot for about 8 people
2. Dinner for about 20 on a Friday night
3. Saturday lunch for 15 or so

The price range is very open I know this has been touched upon but I am posting b/c I want up-to date recommendations.

Thank you in advance!

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  1. My favourites in Cambridge w/private rooms: Henrietta's Table for b'fast ( ) and Rialto for dinner ( ).

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    1. re: OCAnn

      I'm currently in love with Henrietta's table myself and would definitely head there with a group.

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        The problem with Henrietta's is if they're talking Sun. and they don't want the big expensive brunch, I don't think a plain bfst is available. There's Zoe's on Mass Ave. just slightly out of Harvard Sq. which would work.
        Dinner could also be at Casablanca and Om.
        I know Grafton St. isn't everone's favorite, but it's got a good variety of stuff and that might make a good lunch spot. They can handle 15 easiliy. They also serve brunch which might take care of the weekend breafast request.

        1. re: Joanie

          Since the OP said "price range is very open" and that this was for a board meeting, I inferred that the costs would be picked up by the organization. So $$ wasn't factored when I made the recommendations.

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            Thanks to everyone! I do say price is open for now, though we are a non-profit so we want to ultimately not be too crazy.

            Disclaimer: This is a once a year event for face time so, because we put around 90% directly towards services and our board is small it's ok. However, my idea of expensive is quite a bit different (I am way way cheaper) from that of the board members so I asked for a range to present for approval, not knowing exactly what they expect.

            Hope the Chicago board is as helpful as you've been!

          2. re: Joanie

            The Henrietta's website does say that they serve regular breakfast on weekends - Saturdays 7 to 11am and Sundays from 7 to 10:30. (It would probably be wise to phone them and confirm that.) So it would depend on whether the group would be breakfasting at actual breakfast time or more of a brunch time. In my addmittedly limited experience with business meetings and conferences, the schedule has you eating breakfast pretty early!

        2. Henrietta's Sunday brunch is great, and Rialto is very popular. You might also consider:

          * Harvest for brunch, lunch or dinner,
          * OM for lunch or dinner,
          * East Coast Grill, another board favorite in nearby Inman Square (rent the Lava Lounge for dinner for 20, or go for the Latin Sunday Brunch)


          1. The original comment has been removed
            1. As you're "around Harvard" and with a non-profit with a slightly more than anemic budget, I'm guessing you may be working with a HU department, if so you could ask them to reserve a meal at the Faculty Club, (they'll do whatever meal you like, but I'd push you towards lunch or breakfast), and that would probably open your budget up a tad for a blowout dinner somewhere - Rialto would be my pick now in the Square, Upstairs on the Square would be a more affordable option.

              Does anyone know why Om seems to always be full of the table for twentys? Lately everytime I'm about to pop in for dinner there's some massive function up in there. Do I just have bad timing?

              1. I too love Henrietta's Table..... I also wonder if your board might be open to doing Chinese or Indian for any of the meals you mentioned. If so, you could hop into cabs and head for Chinatown (peple on this board are vocal about Chinatown recs). The meal would be inexpensive enough to justify the cost of the cabs. Or you could use our excellent public transportation. And there are lots of Indian options in and around Harvard. Another fun option that can handle your size is Dali for solid tapas and good sangria. I imagine you'd have to call ahead though. Finally, there is a churrascerria called Midwest Grill nearby and I believe they take reservations for larger parties.

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                  I'd suggest Upstairs on the Square for one of the meals (and it could be any). For your size party, they could close off part of the Zebra Room, which is part of the Monday Club dining area. It's a fun place to have brunch - it's light, you can look out onto the little park, and it's nice and informal.

                  For dinner, another option might be going to Davis Square and heading to Gargoyle's or Sagra. Davis is close and accessible from Harvard Square by T.

                  1. re: penny

                    For a board meeting I think one place you should consider is Harvest, right in Harvard Square - they do very decent food and drinks, though last time I was there they did not really have a vegetarian option (other than a "vegetable plate"). It's in the right price range and very appropriate for a business-related lunch or dinner.