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Apr 20, 2007 09:38 AM

Picking up my veggie friend @ Burbank today...where should lunch be?

I'm picking up my "vegetarian" (pesco-ovo-lacto) friend @ Burbank Airport today & would like to take her somewhere for a bite. I have no idea where to go. Any suggestions? Perferrably someplace at leastly slightly on the cheap & ethnic would be great. Thanks!

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  1. In the Valley, go t Hugo's in Studio City on Riverside, just near where it crosses Coldwater Canyon. Or, go to Follow Your Heart in Canoga Park on Sherman Way. Follow Your HEart is the last bastion of organic/lite hippie/health food grocery and restaraunt in town. Hugo's is more upscale, and offers meat dishes, but has a veggie menu and is very yummy. Good Tea selection to fight off the rain chill.

    Over the hill, go to Rahel Veggie on Fairfax in Little Ethiopia. Fabulous veggie ethiopian food.

    In Granada Hills, Vegetarian Delite is Chines Vegetarian food in the fashion developed by taoist monks. Amazing what they do with veggie ingredients to make fabulous chinese dishes.

    1. Two cheap/ethnic options not far from the airport:
      Leonors Vegetarian Mexican
      11403 Victory Blvd., North Hollywood 818-980-9011
      12445 Moorpark St., Studio City 818-762-0660

      1. You don't want to go too far in this pouring rain (I'm in Burbank right now watching the streets flood)... I suggest Granville, two and a half blocks south of the mall on San Fernando Rd.

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          When I worked in Burbank in the 80s, a vegan co-worker & I (veggie, but not vegan) would often go to Full O'Life restaurant on Magnolia, just west of Hollywood Way - very close to the Burbank airport. It's not ethnic, and is actually within a health foods market (run by 7th Day Adventists, I think), but the food was pretty good - and it's fun in a 60s funky kind of way. I remember the salads being fresh & varied, & they were one of the first places you could get a veggie burger. Soups were nice, too. No idea if it's still good. Does anyone know?

          Full O'Life
          2515 W Magnolia Blvd
          Burbank, CA 91505
          (818) 845-7411