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Apr 20, 2007 09:25 AM

Looking for Grain Salad Ideas

The post below got me thinking about other grain salads, like quinoa and rice... now that the season is comming for room temp meals.
What is everybody's favorite? I play around with grains but don't really have a standard. I tried the quinoa at a local healthy take-out cafe and loved it, but I can't quite figure out their recipe.

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  1. I am on a farro kick right now. I have been making farrotta quite a bit, but now that the weather is getting warmer, it'll be farro salads.

    I bet the cafe could give you an idea of how they make it if you ask them.

    1. I doubt this is the specific one you are seeking but it's one you might try sometime, 7 Grain Pilaf Salad--we really liked it and it's in my "keeper" looseleaf:

      1. I'm absolutely addicted to quinoa tabouleh.
        Two cups quinoa - cook in four cups water for 15 minutes - fluff and cool.
        Add 1/3 cup olive oil (I use less, and it works just fine), at least 5 tbsp fresh lemon juice, chopped shallots, diced cucumbers and tomatoes, and a LOT of fresh cilantro (you can add parsley and/or mint if you so desire.
        It's absolutely delicious.

        1. I had a great room temperature salad at Zuni Cafe in San Francisco a week or so ago. Very simple -- farro, thinly sliced kumquats, slivered scallions, small chunks of feta cheese and arugula. The "dressing" was top quality olive oil with just the tiniest bit of acid (lemon juice, but white wine vinegar would work as well).

          A room temperature grain salad I make in warm weather is a mixture of brown rice and wild rice, with raspberry vinaigrette, walnuts, scallions and currants.

          Also look at the Leite's Culinaria website because they've been adding some recipes from a cookbook called "Whole Grains: Every Day, Every Way."

          1. I love quinoa too. It cooks so much faster than barley and tastes so good.

            I basically make it a couple ways with my favourite flavour sets
            - warm with mushroom broth, shitakes and green onions, a bit of heat maybe more browned onions
            - cool with a vinegrette with avocado, red onions, red peppers, cilantro, jalepeno, garlic etc.