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Apr 20, 2007 09:19 AM

$100pp (including wine) tasting menu for 10?

I am organizing a celebratory dinner for about ten 30-something new york women. We would like to experience culinary treats, drink a good amount of decent wine and possibly champagne at a restaurant where we will fit in wearing stylish cocktail dresses or something more casual also. A tasting menu, if affordable, is preferred but any other recommendations would be great as well. The evening will be the weekend of may 19th. Food is a priority, a lively atmosphere but not too loud comes second. Any suggestions? Thank you.

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  1. I suggest the enoteca tasting menu ($45 without wine) at Del Posto. The magnificent decor is something that is worth dressing up for. Food from Batali's kitchen, in my experience, has always been a treat. Reservation for 10 people will definitely be needed in advance.

    Another option that is more casual yet still with excellent food is Telepan. 4-course prix-fix is $59 and $95 with wine. Substitution for courses with a minimal charge.

    You can view their menu on (or use the links there to go to their official websites)

    1. If your group likes Indian food, Devi offers two tasting menus (one vegetarian) + wine pairings for $100. Superb cuisine -- some of the best Indian anywhere -- served in a large space with unique, elegant decor.

      1. Esca has tasting menu for $95/pp. The wines were memorable enough that I asked our server to write them down. You'll find both dressy and casual there. I wouldn't say it's lively so it's not loud.

        1. The chef's table at Barbutto is a lot of fun... I went with 7 friends on a Saturday night recently, we drank plenty of good wine and got out of there for $85 pp including 20% auto grat. The food was rustic, plentiful, and very tasty. The atmosphere is casual, lively, Meat Packing District style.