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Apr 20, 2007 09:17 AM

New England Seafood joint

I have been to Pearl, Mary's and Mermaid Inn. I'm looking for something in that vain, and hoping to go this evening. Any suggestions? There must be good lobster rolls and fried oysters somewhere else in Manhattan!! Thanks

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  1. Another option may be Black Pearl. I haven't been, but I have read a few favorable, as well as some unfavorable, reviews.
    I like Tides, though that's a bit more Mermaid Inn than Pearl or Mary's in atmosphere.

    1. I think Ditch Plains is good and they have a nice lobster roll. (I may be biased because I live across the st). BLT Fish is another great option with both those foods on the menu. Also Aqua Grill is always solid with many types of oysters but might be fancier than you want.

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        I forgot about Ditch Plains! Had some good fried clams there in the past.

      2. Just went to Ed's Lobster Shack in SoHo and don't forget Brooklyn Fish Camp if you're up for a subway ride . . .

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        1. re: rluczak

          I just went to Ed's Lobster Shack for lunch today, and got the fried oyster roll... and it was amazing.

        2. i've been to blt fish and went to black pearl last night for v day. i haven't been to ed's but i say check him out. the others are ok, not great. black pearl doesn't have much of an ambiance, i felt like i was in a bar w/tables & i thought it was pricey. hopefully my bf doesn't see this. as for blt fish good atmosphere, ok food. i do like the clambake though. i hear great things about eds.

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            Forget Black Pearl
            Just go and wait at Pearls'
            its the only place to go so far...

            1. re: chameleonz

              Pearl's may have once been the only place, but Ed's is just as good. Word.