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Sep 6, 2005 01:52 PM

Which TODAI location is the best ?

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I know it's a sin here but I have to go here today (taking advantage of the free birthday person)

There are 4 locations in Bay Area:

Daly City
San Jose

Are they pretty much the same ? Pleasanton/Daly City is closest to me.

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  1. You do realize that you don't get to eat free on your birthday. You pay, and they give you a certificate to eat free in the future. Just a heads up in case you didn't know.

    Or please let us know if they've changed this policy.

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    1. re: nooodles

      Todai did change their policy to a "free meal certificate", but last I checked, Todai reversed their policy and now they'll give the birthday person a free meal if there is also x number of paying people. I don't remember what that x number is, I think it's only 1 or 2.

      That was as of Nov 2004. Also, I had called around to other Asian/sushi buffets to see if they had a "birthday" discount/free meal, and some others did; again, if there is also x number of paying people.

      I think California Buffet on Sunnyvale/Saratoga road (cross street Remington) was one of those; I like it better than Todai.

      1. re: nooodles

        Well, when I went to the Daly City one for free birthday a while ago, and they gave it to us that day. There were two in our party, so one free birthday & one full pay.

        However, I thought the quality was LOW, even for Todai. I remember the Pleasanton one having much better food, but don't know their birthday policy.

        1. re: bruce

          This is the kind of info I need. Anyone else have opinions ?

          Just called TODAI Pleasanton and it is confirmed that the birthday person will get free meal on the day of the visit.

          1. re: Han Lukito

            I'll second the thumbs down on the Daly City branch. There's a dizzying and colorful array of food, but most of it is inedible (including half frozen sashimi, spongy raw tuna, beyond-muddy crawfish, thick gummy crepes, and cardboard-like fruit). I ended up eating mostly sushi rolls, which were 3/4 rice with 1/4 filling.

      2. Han, It's been a while but we tried the Cupertino branch a couple of years ago. Some things were good, some not so good. We didn't walk away hungry. The sushi was pretty good and the fruit was abundant, ripe and attractively displayed. I can't recall much else except that it is located in a mall that is undergoing a remodel and is really kind of depressing.

        1. Thanks for all the replies. Just finished TODAI Pleasanton. It was a positive experience

          The sushis were nothing to write home about. Sashimi selections were limited. No yellow tail.

          They have plenty of interesting things:
          -Udon were nice, you have to ask for it
          -The salads were quite interesting such as shitake mushroom salads
          -The shellfish were also interesting but it lack big ticket items such as dungeness crabs, lobsters.
          -Desserts are pretty good, much better than any buffet. They were all quite nice actually. Crepe station was interesting
          -Lots of sauces, chilis, condiments to choose from

          Overall a nice experience.