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Apr 20, 2007 09:16 AM

Where to get the best deal on high-end appliances like Sub-zero, Bosch, Miele, etc?


I'm about to renovate my kitchen and was wondering if anyone has advice on where to get the best deals for Sub-zeros, Miele, Bosch, Gaggenau, etc products.

I looked on their respective websites and saw the authorized dealers listed, but does anyone have suggestions for other places/stores to find good deals on these products?

Thanks so much!

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  1. I recently order applicances for our new home from They had great pricing, charged no freight and no sales tax. Figured I save several hundreds of dollars not counting the discounts on the appliances.

    1. You might want to consider checking out consumer reports. I did my kitchen with all Sub-Zero/Thermador/Bosche stuff and I really regret it. The Thermador Cooktop has help up pretty well but I am presently spending about $900.00 on fixing my Thermador Double Oven. My Bosche washer has had a few problems but 500 later it seems to be okay. The dryer heat element burned out (another 600, including labor) and my Sub-Zero has required a few services most of which were mercifully covered by the warranty. And none of these items are more than 8 years old. Seriously, just get a higher end Maytag or other domestic brand, it will be cheaper to fix and chances are you wont have to fix it nearly as often. Some of the domestic high end lines look pretty cool these day. The point it, status appliances (which I admittedly bought as a status purchase and nothing you would have told me would have convinced me that they were not better) are not worth the trouble or money.

      Just my opinion and personal experience.

      1. The prices are pretty fixed on the highest end models. I bought wolf, sub-zero and miele for my kitchen last year. I was able to save a little on my subzeros by buying them in 2004 and not taking delivery until later in 2005. I paid the 2004 price and then prices went up. I also bought a floor model Miele dishwasher from my kitchen designer. The best you might be able to do depending on where you live is save sales tax somehow or get free delivery. I spent a FORTUNE on appliances but I love what I have.

        1. We used for a bathroom and a kitchen remodel. We saved thousands. Usually there was no shipping fee, never any tax. We received items in just a few days that the stores told us would take 6 to 8 weeks. We found the site through

          As to Bosch, we have friends who hate their new dishwasher. It does not get the silverware/utensils clean.

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            I checked two of the items I ordered from US-Appliance and they were much more expensive at US charges neither freight nor sales tax.

          2. I consder myself lucky for having to write a check for ONLY $683 yesterday. NIce to have the Thermador double oven back but I would have prefered the money. Do yourself a favor and buy whirlpool's high end line