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Apr 20, 2007 09:15 AM

amazing salads in the west village

My friend and I are meeting for lunch on Monday and we're craving a great salad. He works near 13th and I'm down on Houston and Hudson. We're looking for a nice quiet place to sit down and catch up. What do the hounds recomend?

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  1. market salad at blue ribbon bakery

    1. I really enjoyed my salad at Tavern on Jane. They have a couple different kinds and it's really quiet usually.

      1. Ditch Plains has some good salads; so does Hurapan Kitchen on 7th Ave South near Leroy.

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        1. re: erin07nyc

          I adore the salads at Aroma Espresso Bar on Houston and Green. They are huge and hearty and I believe also come with a large slice of home made bread. Check out the Rouqefort salad - I crave it almost everyday. I think you will easily be able to grab a table late on a Monday afternoon.

          1. re: zoeterry

            I second the reccomendation for Aroma... except I prefer the caesar salad. If you do go there, make sure to try their lemonade and an alfajore for dessert!

        2. 12 chairs on mcdougal and king. whatever salad you order get the honey mustard dressing-its amazing

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            Another vote for 12 chairs - out of the way, quiet and charming. I also love the chicken ceasar at Grey Dog's, but it's loud and crowded. I would not recommend Aroma - it's a soulless, cookie-cutter place.

          2. yeah i'll have to agree about 12 chairs. i find the place pretty lackluster overall, but they have great salads. westville has a couple of good salads too.

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              We had lunch at Westville yesterday. First time, been meaning to for ages. Women next to us had salads, and they looked & smelled great.