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Apr 20, 2007 09:01 AM

Stylish dish drainer recs?

My husband made our wonderful concrete countertops and really doesn't want me to cover up a big section with a dish drainer, but I really just can't dry dishes every time I do them. So does anyone have a particular good-looking dish drainer? He might be appeased if it's pretty enough :)

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  1. I went around and around on dish drainers, but I could never get anything that I liked. They always took up too much space and since my sink has a raised lip, the drainboard never actually drained and eventually got really nasty.

    Finally, I got one of these:

    If you have a dishwasher (read: you don't handwash a lot of plates), it might work well for you.

    1. When we redid our kitchen, we got one of the stainless steel folding drainers. They are far more attractive than the Rubbermaid type, and reasonably functional. I also have an auxiliary stainless drainer that fits over one side of my double-sink. I keep that one under the sink, and pull it out when I need my dish-draining capacity. Works just fine.

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        I also have a stainless one, and underneath I use an attractive dishtowel to catch the drips. Would that work for you?

        OR check Target or similar stores. I have an inexpensive stainless one that I kept from my indie refurbished no-dishwasher apartment.
        When I wasn't using it I hung it up on the wall, on a pair of nails. My kitchen was decorated with chunks of farm implements and assorted metal stuff on the walls, so it doubled as art. -grin-

        1. Check out Target. They have a nice folding one but also some nice chrome and charcoal grey ones that are small enough to tuck away when not in use. They have clear drainers too so you can still see your beautiful counter top. Simple Human has a gorgeous one but I find it too big and way too expensive.

          1. the small Micheal Graves/Target design looks more interesting than most others