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Apr 20, 2007 08:59 AM

china star in fairfax

went to china star this week. ordered takeout. I thought the general kwans spicy beef was good. I really liked the braised fish (hot!) and the lamb in sizzling pot was outstanding. I did not particularly care for the shredded chicken with leeks. The leeks were not leeks and some of the stems were hard and not edible. The mongolian beef was terrible - too sweet. I plan to go back again.

What have you had here that was good? They have an american and a szechuan menu. I usually order from the scechuan menu.

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  1. Search this board for "china star" and you'll find a ton of information - it was just about the first in the area to offer "authentic szechuan cooking" (boosted by the brief stay of a star chef) and it got a lot of notice. In case you're wondering, I don't think its star fell much, if at all, when that chef left - there's still plenty to praise.

    1. Kung pao chicken
      eggplant in garlic sauce hot pot
      dried tofu with shredded pork
      the lamb you already mentioned
      dry-braised fish in chili-miso
      also, I always ask about the specials.