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Apr 20, 2007 08:52 AM

First time in SF

I'll be travelling to SF for the first time and I'm very excited! I'll only be there 3 nights, and will be staying in the Union Square area. If you only had 3 days, where would you go to eat? The only place I have heard of that was recommended to me is Asia SF. Thoughts?

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      Here's some ideas ...

      I admit to posting the above tongue-in-cheek because it was hardly news. However, all of the restaurants mentioned by the Amatuer Gourment are solid and get lots of positive reviews on the board. Some of them are out of the area, but if you look at the link where he solicits suggestions there a ton of good standard suggestions.So a second reason for posting was a place to direct queries like this.

      Asia SF is if you buy into the SF sterotype ... those wild people ... I haven't been, but I'm not into drag shows. It is the modern equivalant of the long-closed Finnocio's. I'd send someone there for a bacherlette party, not someone looking for the best of SF. It also borders on a sketchy neighborhood.

      Wherever you go, hope you will report back on your experience ... and hope you enjoy SF as much as I do.

      1. re: rworange

        I love Tomasso's in North Beach on Kearney for Italian, home-made ravioli and amazing pizza.
        What kind of food/places are you interested in?
        A mission burrito at one of the million taqueria's is a must... I like:
        Farolito on 24th & mission -grilled chicken and steak
        El Taco Toco on 30th & mission: also on 24th and treat?
        Papalote Mexican Grill: 24th & Valencia, also Fulton and Masonic
        La Palma: 24th & Florida, Mexicatessen
        El Tonayense: 24th & Shotwell, go for the tacos
        El Zocalo: 28th & Mission- pupusas

        Only a start!

    2. I have a place I liked so much we went twice during a 4 night stay. It was mid summer and all the hot places were booked. Try 1550 Hyde. the name is the address, 1550 Hyde in the Russian Hill area. Not too pricey but is GREAT local bistro type place with high quality ingredients and excellent execution. Its small and it does get crowded. Its not far from U Square but I'd walk back to US from there because it is mostly downhill the whole way. We had excellent dinners with short notice reservations.

      1. Tadich. Coi. Foreign Cinema. Zuni.

        1. My wife and I visit SF about once a year. I gleaned these posts before our last trip and chose A16 based on many positive comments. So worth it!! Pizza is out of this world and we still talk about the braised short ribs. We did an opentable reservation and were seated immediately upon arrival.

          1. Also, if you are looking for hole-in-the-wall chowish joints, there is a top notch ramen shop next to the Hotel Diva in the Union Square neighborhood.

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            1. re: jtc

              Ramen? Are you talking about King of Thai Noodles, or did something replace that Kosher restaurant next door?

              [Edit: Never Mind! Answered my own question: Katana-ya is in the old "This is It" Space]