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Apr 20, 2007 08:48 AM

Slow Cooker Substitute?? [Moved from General Chowhounding Topics]


Can anyone suggest a substitute for a slow cooker? I don't own one and want to make a dish tonight that reccomends you use one.

What can i use instead??


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  1. This will probably get moved to the cookware board -

    Depends on what you are cooking but for stews and braised type dishes - you can use a dutch oven and place it in a low temp oven 250-300 deg oven -

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    1. re: weinstein5

      That's what I'd use. The dutch oven is thick and heat-retaining, much like the crockpot insert, so it reduces the chance of burning on the bottom. If you were to just use a stainless steel pot over low heat, you may end up with scorching on the bottom or sides.

      Depending on the recipe, you could put the dutch oven in the oven (250-300 is a good low temp) or on the stove under a low, low flame (I use my simmer burner).

      I'm curious what you're making, too!

    2. Jerry, if the recipe comes out very well, can you please share it on the Home Cooking board? Always looking for slow-cooker recipes that are good (to me that means somewhat healthy and not soupy or tasteless). And if you like ground lamb and eggplant together, there's one on the Home Cooking board.