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White Fungus?

QueenB Apr 20, 2007 08:31 AM

I bought a package of white fungus (AKA white tree fungus) at the Asian market the other week, because I couldn't resist it's ivory, frilly look.

So, now I need some recipes where I can use this pretty stuff. I know it needs a good, long soak before using. What are the best recipes that really bring out it's texture?

Any recipes would be great!

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  1. xnyorkr Apr 20, 2007 08:41 AM

    I've not tried this myself but you might be able to find the recipe on the Food Ntwk web site. Rachael Ray made a mushroom sauce for chicken fried steak (an Americana meal) made with different kinds of mushrooms. It was her "improved version" of condensed cream of mushroom soup. It looked great.

    1. w
      WHills Apr 20, 2007 01:17 PM

      White Fungus is traditionally used in soups.

      You can make a Chicken soup and add some white fungus. It's supposed to have good nutritional value. Personally, I don't think it's tasty at all.

      The other option is to make a Chinese style sweet dessert soup. Usually, this involves red dates, rock sugar, and white fungus.

      1. j
        Janine Apr 21, 2007 05:33 AM

        Though it's not traditional, I will cut it up in chunks after it has been soaked and make a stir fry with white fungus, wood ears (black fungus), snow pea pods, assorted mushrooms,water chestnuts and any other veggies you like in your stir fry. It's a good way to use it up, otherwise, it will eventually mold.

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