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Apr 20, 2007 08:17 AM

Feedback on Mecca in SF?

A group of 7 of us are going to Mecca this Saturday night. Any feedback and/or suggestions for noteworthy dishes?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. They've just changed the website and the menu. I was there about a month ago and it looks new. They brought is a chef recently and it looks like he is now doing his thing. The shortribs, which are still on the menu, were really good. Its a great place for a group, have fun and report back please.

    1. 2 of us dined at Mecca about 2 weeks ago. We shared the foie gras, baked oysters and a raw fish appetizer- all were good but the foie seemed over cooked and was not cheap- $24. I had "last nights red wine braised short ribs" $24, good but not as good as my partners filet-$36, the filet was the winning dish of the night- perfect. I had a glass of wine and my partner had a cocktail, it was an expensive meal, $162! I would not rush back as there are better places to spend almost $200 with tip. Eating at Mecca feels very 1980's but it was a busy sunday evening and the bar was packed.