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Apr 20, 2007 08:16 AM

Ethiopian Food - Recommendations Please

Hello. I took my wife to the Ethiopia House off of Yonge near Wellesley a long while back and she did not love it. I am looking for the best Ethiopian in Toronto as she has recently told me that she would like to give it another go.

Any recommendations? Anything in my neck of the woods (Greenwood/Danforth)?

Thank you,

Foodie Smith

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  1. there's a place just east of the Gladstone Hotel on Queen St. W. that is supposed to be quite good according to several friends of mine...they preferred it to Ethiopia House at Yonge/Wellesley.

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      1. re: Joobu

        i really enjoyed my meal here.

        the place isn't fancy, but the woman who owns it and her son are friendly, honest and the food was delicious.

        give it a shot.

        1. re: TaCk OnE

          Exactly what TackOne said. Not fancy, wonderfully pleasant staff including both the owner and her son and absolutely delicious food. The spicy lamb (I forget the Ethiopian term) and the Black lentils were best.

      2. re: diesta

        My vote is for addis ababa too. YUM!

      3. What was it your wife didn't care for at EH?

        Another good one is Lalibela Ethiopian Restaurant http://www.lalibelaethiopianrestauran... >> click on the pics to go to the menu
        (aren't you shocked this URL was still available for them?)

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        1. re: orangewasabi

          Second Lalibela. tasty food, warm service and good atmosphere.

          1. re: mrbozo

            We tried Lalibela for dinner a couple weeks ago. It was fantastic. It was our first experience with Ethiopian and we couldn't have been happier.


        2. I like Dukem on Danforth just west of Donlands. Had the veggie combo yesterday (and leftovers for lunch just now!) and I love their lentils, collards and sour injera. But I can't compare it to any other places as I don't eat Ethiopian often enough to make comparisons. I only mention it since it is definitely in your area. I think there was also a thread a couple of days ago about a new place further east on the Danforth?

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          1. re: julesrules

            The new place is at Lamb, right next to 3's Company. I've not been, but if anyone goes I'd love to hear about it.

            1. re: julesrules

              I will add that this place does seem to popular with the Ethiopian community if that means anything :)

            2. Greenwood/Danforth probably has the second highest concentration of Ethiopian restaurants after Bloor West. I can recommend Dukem (I've been there many times), but there are many more. But I also have liked Ethiopian House, so...

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              1. re: embee

                I'm with you embee. I've eaten Ethiopian at some of the best places in DC (the highest # of Ethiopians in N.A.) and loved Ethiopian House......I've disliked many places in other cities b/c of their lack of authentic-ness.....EH is really authentic and has a good variety of dishes.

                1. re: embee

                  What about "The Cottage" at Greenwood and Danny? It's actually the only Ethiopian I have had, so I'm wondering if it is worth going back or should I go elsewhere. I definitely enjoyed what I had.

                  1. re: redcoconut

                    We've never tried it, as it looked like a less than reputable pool hall from outside. So I can't compare it with others. You should definitely try Dukem and compare your experience at the two places for us. Our next stop is the new one near 3s Company.

                    1. re: embee

                      It was a few years ago, and I ended up in there by accident. Some leftist event was supposed to be happenin' there, the DJ never showed so I just chilled with some comrades and ate the food. It's actually really nice inside, I think the pool hall is next door that you are thinking off. It did have a bar and a dance floor, but the place was empty. Service was friendly and the food was really good. I think I had a stewed beef type of dish with their "roti" (the big sourdough tasting, spoungie delicious stuff that I don't recall the name of). Then again, I think this was like 2004 so it's a bit hazy. ;)

                      1. re: redcoconut

                        several ethiopian friends speak very highly of the food at Cottage and Rendezvous (the latter is also on Danforth/Greenwood), despite their seedy appearance... i've been to both and prefer them to Ethiopian House: I find the service at Cottage and Rendezvous to be better and more personal than at EH ...have heard good things about Dukem tho haven't been myself.

                        1. re: berbere

                          I went to Wazema last night (north side of Danforth, a couple of blocks east of Greenwood). Friendly service, tasty food, soccer playing (silently) on an enormous screen. I had a vegetarian platter, which contained the usual selection. The stews were less...pureed than in other places and the bread was slightly browner in colour. One of the yellow dishes was more ginergy than I've had elseshere. Overall, a very enjoyable dining experience, and inexpensive too: for more food than two of us could eat, plus a beer and a spiced tea, the bill was $25.

                          1. re: thought_for_food

                            wow ! A bit steep for microwaved cuisine lol ! Find a stove there ...

                            1. re: musard

                              mussard, are you saying the food is not cooked there?

                              1. re: musard

                                Musard that's a wrong statement ! There is a stove and Ethiopian food is made daily from scratch. I also think the hard working people in these restaurant would find your comment a bit offensive.

                  2. I'm also surprised your wife didn't like EH, and if she didn't, I wonder if maybe Ethiopian food might just not be for her. Prior to eating at EH, I'd tried a few Ethiopian restaurants (mostly in Ottawa) and was convinced that I just didn't enjoy the cuisine, but I decided to give EH a try and now I'm in love.