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Apr 20, 2007 08:02 AM

Cherry Hill

Just found out that my SO will have to spend alot of time in and out of a Philly hospital. We have decided to stay in the Cherry Hill area on those occasions - Any suggestions for food -also, maybe places to stay that have places in them?

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  1. I don't know too much about the Cherry Hill food scene. In Philly you can get great meals, many close to the hospitals. Word of advice, NEVER EVER, no matter how tired and hungry you are- Eat fast food in South Jersey!!! They always get it wrong. I have flashbacks of going to church and then hitting fast food spots with my dad when I was younger. They always burned the food and it seemed stale as well.

    1. Hi tuxedo,
      There are tons of places in Cherry Hill. Re: fast food - there is no reason to go for FF in ANY state! What are the criteria for your stay - in what part of Cherry Hill are you staying? Certainly the Crowne Plaza on Route 70 is a direct route to Philly and I know they have a restaurant since they are a major hotel, but give me more details and I may be able to help. I am sorry to hear that your SO will be dealing with all of this.

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        thanks very much for your thoughts and the reply - I live in monmouth county and I think it will be rough to commute each and every day of treatment to philly - I am open to any suggestion for accomodations and food - I really know nothing of the area! Maybe somewhere other than Cherry Hill perhaps?

      2. Always a great meal at Melange Cafe on Chapel Ave (?) in Cherry Hill just off Route 38. Joe Brown is one of the best chefs in the area. Its a mix of creole and northern italian. Incredible smoked tomato & crab bisque and its BYOB. Steak 38 is on Rt 38 (attached to a motel) closer to the Franklin Bridge to PHL. For a chain, they do a decent job at Bahama Breeze. Its casual and inexpensive. Located facing Rt 38 in the Cherry Hill mall. Just a bit south in Gibbsboro is The Chophouse for a bit more upscale steak. Many others along 38, 70, and 73.

        1. there are a multitude of choices in cherry hill. a lot depends on how you or you SO feel about different foods. they may not feel too adventurous after a hospital visit and something simple might be more appealing. a little more info and more suggestions can be offered. cherry hill runs the gamut of ethnic cuisine, albeit with varying degrees of sucess.,,,,and the list is growing exponentially along with the development.

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            If you are staying at the Crowne Plaza, which would probably be the most convenient place, you are just across the street from Mikado, our favorite Japanese restaurant. It is pleasant, friendly, and comfortable, and there are plenty of cooked dishes if you aren't sushi eaters.
            A little farther east on Route 70 is Siri's, which is French/Asian fusion. It is in a small strip mall on the same side of the street as the Crowne Plaza.
            Route 70 has tons of places - Italian, steak, fish,etc. And you are very close to Philly. That hotel always had a small cafe that was open for breakfast, etc. and of course, parking is no problem.
            I just noticed the date of your posting, so I am probably too late. Good luck!

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              If you are staying at the Crown Plaza, you would be very close to the city. In fact, depending on which hospital you are going to, you could actually drive to the high speed line in Westmont or Collingswood (less than 5 minutes), park for free, and take Patco into the city. It's not convenient if you are going up to CHOP or HUP.
              In addition to the restaurants in CH mentioned above, there is a Wegmans less than a mile away from the Crown Plaza. You can eat in the store (cheap and convenient); there is a pretty wide selection of cold and hot items you can select from. Also, for something quick, there is a Panera in the same shopping center. Cafe Aldo Lamberti, across the street from Wegmans, offers upscale Italian (a bit pricy).
              Just around the corner, there is a new Greek restaurant called Onasis, which is very good and upscale.
              Alternately, you can go into Collingswood, a small town with at least a dozen restaurants. Note that many places in the area are BYOB since the liquor licenses are so expensive in the area. Since you're coming from a hospital, drinking may be a non-issue for you.

              1. re: mschow

                Oh Yoko Sushi is a must (check out my posting on it)

                For a great vietnamese rest - try Pho Eden it's on the corner of Springdale & Greentree Rd.

                Hope this helps!!!