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Apr 20, 2007 07:52 AM

San Fran Visitor to STL. Help!

I will be visiting from San Francisco in late April for two nights. Combing the CH board, I was able to narrow my choices to: Niche, Harvest, 1111 Mississippi and Pomme. Any advice in narrowing this list further, or in substituting other restaurants I may have overlooked would be greatly appreciated! I am looking for something good, relatively authentic to St. Louis and with a somewhat "happening" atmosphere. Many thanks!!

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  1. Don't forget to try a St. Paul Sandwich.

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    1. re: Gary Soup

      Okay, so now you're scratching your head over that last post. A St. Paul sandwich is egg foo yung (without the brown goop) on white bread with lettuce, pickle, and mayonnaise. I know it sounds bizarre, but it's remarkably tasty. You'll find it any any low rent Chinese carryout place. However, you'll not find it in any of the restaurants listed above, nor would it be found in a place with a "happening" atmosphere.

      All of the choices in your post would be good ones. You might also consider Five, on Manchester, or King Louie's, on Chouteau (that's pronounced Show Dough)

    2. I'm from Kansas City, but I get to STL pretty often. My favorite place to eat in STL is at the Washington Post for breakfast on Saturday morning; on Saturday mornings at this coffee house, the Greek owners set up a killer "build your own crape" bar. I don't even like crapes, but these guys really lay it down. And, the owners are EXTREMELY nice, which is sort of different for STL (it's more of an "Eastern" city than KC, where you get a lot more of that Midwestern hospitality). There's also an Italian joint which I think is called Luigi's that I ate at years ago, and it was excellent as well.

      1. By far you must try Harvest. The food is awesome. Their menu changes with the seasons so there is always a variety to choose from. Keep in mind you will be dropping some $$$ but it is well worth it. They also have a large wine selection to choose from. The restaurant is fairly small but the atmoshpere is very quaint. A table by the fireplace is always appealing. My other two favs are Sidney Street Cafe in the Soulard district just south of downtown and Annie Gunn's which is in far West County (Chesterfield). Hope this helps!

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        1. re: tigerman15

          I would disagree with you about Harvest. We were there recently (December) and I was quite disappointed, more with the service than the food, but I felt the food had really slipped.

          On the positive side, I ate at Pomme last weekend and thought it was great. We started at their wine bar next door and then had dinner. It's very tiny but I thought it was good.

        2. 1111 is my favorite of the ones on your list. Niche and Harvest are good, but another tasty place I never see much here is Five. Small menu, mostly organic and cruelty-free (relatively speaking, of course). The menu changes frequently, though, so I don't know how reliable the Web version is.

          Saint Paul sandwiches are not for the timid. I can't stand them, but my boyfriend valets late downtown and gets them from holes-in-the-wall.

          Also check out the food stalls at Soulard Farmer's Market (Thurs-Sun). If you're still in the neighborhood later you can hit Franco, a new place that I've heard very good things about (from reliable sources) but haven't gotten to try just yet.