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Apr 20, 2007 07:52 AM

Best diner on Long Island??

I grew up in Long Island and going to "the diner" was a regular part of my week. There is no shortage of diners on LI - you only have to drive down Hempstead Tpke to know this. I haven't lived on the island for a few years but still make it here frequently to visit fam still in the area.

So, here's my question Hounds: what's the best diner in Nassau and best in Suffolk? Where is your go-to place on a Friday night for a quick dinner or piece of cake or on a Sat morning for breakfast?

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  1. I am also interested in replies to this. I also moved off LI about 3 years ago but at that time Hi-Light Diner on 347/Old Town was my fave in Suffolk

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      in suffolk-premier diner on commack rd in commack. always standing room only. food is great, portions huge.

      1. re: winebarb

        I agree with Premier Diner. Others I like are Taby's, in Oyster Bay, for their fresh ground chicken burger on Wed's only, served with Greek salad and their delicious fries which are the close to fresh . Golden Dolphin, on Main St, in Huntington also draws the crowds primarily for their huge portions. .

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          Premier is good, I actually had lunch there today and usually do once a week. The quality of the food is better than most diner's, the portions are big for their salads, however their sandwiches and diner staples such as omelettes, etc., have a higher price tag compared to most diners. But the quality is always good, so you do get what you pay for.

      2. In Suffolk: Peter Pan Diner on Bayshore Road near Sunrise Highway. South Bay Diner on Sunrise Highway in Lindenhurst. I agree about Golden Dolphin in Huntington - food is decent but mostly known for the absolutely tremendous portions. One dinner easily feeds two. I went to Premier in Commack when it first opened, twice, and service was awful, food was mediocre. I've heard (we don't live on LI anymore and my parents who still did have moved) that it's come into itself and is now very, very good.

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          But don't bother with the regular hamburger (beef) at Taby's. They steam grill it, and it tastes very weird--almost like potted beef. No thanks. It's big, all right, but it's not good.

          1. re: RickTheClamBellyFan

            Bellyclam, Finally!! you are the first person i have heard to agree with me about Taby's Burger. Its the most overrated burger on Long Island. I'd take a Big Mac anyday over that burger. I don't know why so many people LOVE it.

            By the way, I think Taby's has excellent Breakfast food.

            1. re: jpf1980

              If, with your breakfast, you like sausage, the Landmark Diner at Port Washington Blvd and Northern Blvd. has the best. It's similar to the sausage they use at Taby's, but it's not as greasy. It's obvious that they both deep fry them in the Fry-o-lator basket, but for some reason Taby's doesn't bother to shake off the excess oil. Neither will pass as health food LOL. For other food, don't bother with the Landmark, by the way. I'm just speaking about the breakfast sausage.

        2. Nassau-wise, the Golden Reef in Rockville Center is excellent, though expensive. I generally avoid breakfast there in favor of the Baldwin Coach Diner (Baldwin, obviously) due to expense (and Baldwin Coach is pretty good to, especially for breakfast,) but for lunch and especially dinner it is great. I actually order fish there, because it's pretty fresh and they sell quite a bit.

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            we live in baldwin and won't go to the way,it's closed for rennovations currently.the pantry diner in oceanside has come a long way and now offers a larger menu including more healthy but tasty choices.we used to love the original seaford palace but it gone through too many hands now.of course there's always the amazing thomas's ham and eggery in westbury.

          2. I like the Celbrity diner in Syosset and the Millenium diner in Smithtown.

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            1. re: Fred19

              Isn't Celebrity the place that is now Patsy's Pizzaria? It's right off S Oyster Bay Rd on Jericho, north side of street.

              1. re: robinsilver

                No, Celebrity is about a block west of it. But you are correct that the what is currently Patsy's used to be a diner, owned by the Celebrity diner owners.

                1. re: synergy

                  I think that was the Hollywood Diner. Redundant and over-priced.

                  1. re: Fred19

                    Fred, while I saw that you like and recommend Celebrity, I actually have never had a good experience at Celebrity diner. Shells in my eggs, always surly service, food mediocre at best - no matter when I go - so I don't go there. I like Parade diner in Woodbury much better for one in the Syosset/Woodbury area.

                    I like best Majestic diner on Old Country Rd. near Fortunoffs.

                2. re: Fred19

                  I'll second both of these, especially the Milennium.

                  1. re: Fred19

                    We went to the Celeberity Diner in Syosset and thought the prices were outrageous- $23.00 for chicken parma- and that was just for the entree- not a complete dinner- Good Italian restaurants charge less than that. Obivously we ordered sandwiches- and they were nothing to write home about.

                  2. Any hounds know of other diners with good fish dinners, such as Golden Reef in RVC mentioned above? Suffolk locations would be a plus.