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Apr 20, 2007 07:50 AM

Staying at Crown Center in KC

We are staying one night at Crown Center and don't want to get back in the car. What restaurants are nearby and open on a Sunday night. Is Milano worthy?

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  1. Milano has a lovely atmosphere and view of Crown Center. The Hyatt Regency across the street has a long-time rooftop revolving restaurant called Skies; also nice atmosphere and tremendous views of the city. Peppercorn Duck Club at the Hyatt has a Chocolate Bar. You can go over to Union Station on the walkway to Pierponts, but I'd steer clear of the Harvey House Diner; we had a bad experience there Tuesday afternoon. Have not been to Skies or Peppercorn in an age, so you may want to get some more up-to-date input first. You'll also have to check out Sunday evening availability for all of these. Have a nice stay.

    1. Depending on how far you want to walk, there are a lot of good restaurants in the downtown area.

      For other discussions, check here ( and here (

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      1. GiGi gave good options -- The Peppercorn is far superior to Skies, though the view at Skies is unbeatable. We'd be remiss if we failed to direct you to The American at Crown Center, which is KCs only 5-star establishment (I think).

        For a little bit of a different experience...I'd recommend you stop in at Fritz's inside Crown Center. I grew up on the burgers at Fritz's at the original location at 18th and Central in KCK. While the Crown Center location lacks some of the "character" of the original, they still send out your food on a train, and you still place your order via a phone placed at your table.

        1. The best BBQ in town is just a short walk away. Jack Stack BBQ is behind Union Station in the Freighthouse, Also in the same building is Lidia's a very good italian restaurant. You won't be disapointed at either places.

          1. Dude, D'Bronx! And you never have to do anything so drastic as walk into fresh air and sunlight! There is one in Crown Center!