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Apr 20, 2007 07:32 AM

Staten Island's Best

Hi Everyone,

I just moved to Staten Island's South Shore and need to learn about some of the great food in the area, if people could share info on the following for me I would greatly appreciate it:
**On the South Shore
1) Pizzerias
2) Italian Rests.
3) Butcher/Pork Store
4) Italian Bakeries
5) Diners
6) Chinese Rest.

Any info would be greatly appreciated. I have tried Villa Monte's and Nucci's South in terms of Pizza. Both are really good, however, I give the slight edge to Nucci's

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Hi and welcome to Staten Island!
      Pizza is such a personal thing, it's hard to really choose a favorite. I'd have to say the Grandma Pie at Justino's on Guyon Ave is delicious (Ask them to make it well done and splurge for extra cheese.) Or the Garbage Pie at Denino's which is on the North Shore, Pt Richmond Ave but worth the trip. If you go, try Ralph's ices, across the street
      As for Italian restaurants, try Torrone's at 3333 Hylan Blvd This restaurant has excellent food, a warm and well decorated dining room and very well trained
      staff. All of the food is prepared to order. The specials are always innovative and delicious. Sorry, I cannot recommend a butcher . Many people get their meats/fish at Costco and are very satsified. There are "bread" bakeries and "cake" bakeries .
      For bread, try Caggiano's or Ryal Crown, For cake, Mother Mousse is the place
      All on Hylan Blvd. The best cookies are found at Cake Chef ...I don't know the exact location, I think it's off Manor Road.
      Diners. like Pizza places, are very subjective. We love Andrew's Diner also on Hylan Blvd. There is a wait after 530 on Weekends, but worth it. HUGE portions of better than average diner food. As for Chinese food, Save some money and order take out from Empire East also on (guess where?) Hylan Blvd. in the Stop and Shop shopping center. If you really feel the need to go out, Crown Palace on New Dorp Lane is pretty decent.
      Enjoy the great places Staten Island has to offer...

      1. Great topic ! Since I reside on the North Shore I will include my favs from both North & South (alphabetically)....

        Pizza - Cafe Milano (West Brighton) , Ciro (Huguenot), Denino (Port Richmond), Gennaro (New Dorp) fried calzone, Jimmy Maxx (Westerleigh), Joe & Pats (Meiers Corner), Kings (Westerleigh), Lee's Tavern (Dongan Hills), Valducci (Great Kills) sicilian.

        Italian Restaurants - Bondi (Dongan Hills), Cafe Del Mondo (Westerleigh),
        Casa Milla (Port Richmond), Filippo's (Dongan hills), Italianissimo (Grasmere),
        Kings (Westerleigh), Rosebank Tavern (Rosebank).

        Butcher - A & C Suprette (Lower Todt Hill)
        Pork Stores - Bari (Dongan Hills), Vincenzo (Rossville)
        Italian Groceries - Ariemma (Dongan Hills), Cangiano (New Dorp), Pastosa (West Brighton), Top Tomato (Travis).

        Italian Bakeries - Buono (Grasmere) and Cake Chef (Westerleigh) cakes & cookies, Royal Crown (Dongan Hills) Bread, Renato's (Elm Park) Pastries.

        Diners - Andrews (Great Kills), Victory Coffee Shop (Meiers Corner), Woodrow Diner (Woodrow).

        Chinese Restaurants - Jade Island (Heartland Village), Sing Bo (Westerleigh).

        Enjoy your chow search !

        1. Hope someone is still reading! I'm on the South Shore too, and have to disagree on the pizza-while the garbage pie at Denino's is great, their plain traditional pie is just ok. Joe & Pat's on Victory or Brother's pizza on port richmond Ave, NOT to be confused with any other "Brothers," are to me far better. On the South Shore Nuccis is ok, Ciro is overrated and tries but fails to do thin crust pizza like Totonno's in Brooklyn. Italian restaurants by far are Cafe Bondi on Hylan Blvd, Dongan Hills, and Panarea on Page Ave., Tottenville. For pizza place Italian restaurant, definitely try La Bella on Hylan in Great Kills. They have the best fried calamari and an outstanding pizza. There are also a ton of Ralph's ices on the South Shore, newest one on Huguenot by Amboy, also on Amboy by Bloomingdale. Do not go to the Top Tomato on Victory, instead head to the one on Page Ave. in Richmond Valley/Tottenville-much cleaner, and they have a pretty good fish market. Pastries hands down is Luigi's Dolceria on Hylan Blvd in Great Kills, the original baker of Alba's in Brooklyn has thankfully transplanted out here to that store, however the old Alba's is no longer worth the trip, nor is it necessary! Butcher-Regina Annadale meat market on Annadale Rd has some great meal plans and usually need just an hour notice to deliver to you, or you can buy a lot of nice meats at Top Tomato. Cake has to go to Marchese on Seguine Ave, really fresh and moist, totally delicious-I ordered my last 3 party cakes from there this year. They have a Neopolitan cookie cake that's to die for. Best diners to me are Mike's Place on Hylan Blvd. and Annadale Diner.

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            I like the Chinese dishes at Pho Mac, the Vietnamese restaurant on Richmond Avenue, and Sister Barbecue, the Korean restaurant on Bradley Avenue.

            1. re: mariestack

              I respectfully disagree with many of your recc. I've found most to be pretty middle of the road mediocre. I don't mean that in a harsh way, but aside from Joe and Pat's, nothing mentioned repersents "The best of"it's field.
              I've never been to Marchese's bakery, so I cannot comment about their cakes, but Mike's Diners (all of them) and Panarea are way below par.
              I found La Bella to be both overpriced and dreadful. I'm surprised it's still open

              1. re: Tay

                Might I ask where your expertise comes from? Torrone's building has been sold, and a medical group is opening up, and their food has never been the best, only good. Andrew's Diner, which you listed as a favorite, is overhyped and definitely not worth the usual wait, their best feature is the amount of food they serve but not the quality. Panarea is a wonderful authentic Italian restaurant focusing on more than typical Staten Island red sauce, is Michelin rated and definitely way beyond average. But, as you said, these favorites are subjective. It just amazes me that you chose to pick on my "bests" but neglected to rank on Villa Monte...

                1. re: mariestack

                  I don't claim any 'expertise'I'm just a fellow chowhound. :-}
                  If you check back, you'll see that my posting RE:Restaurant 3333 AKA: Torrone's, dates back to April '07. I maintain that their food was very, very good. I also maintain that Andrew's is one of the best diners on the Island for both quality of food and value.Unlike many, I don't confuse quality with quantity so I am not dazzled by their large portions. We'll just have to agree to disagree on Panarea. I'm not impressed by Michelin ratings. If you like it, then that's great.

                  " It just amazes me that you chose to pick on my "bests" but neglected to rank on Villa Monte..."

                  I assure you, I wasn't picking on your "Bests", just respectfully disagreeing as chowhounds are apt to do. :-}
                  I have no idea why you made reference to Villa Monte as I don't believe I referenced it in either of my postings.

            2. I've lived on Staten Island all my life and Villa Ponte on 170 New Dorp Lane is by far the best pizzeria on the island. You have to try the Chicken marsala slice, its amazing!!! Also the grilled chicken ceasar salad slice is refreshing. There is also a large assortment of other speciality slices, including the grandma and homemade fresh mozz. slices. You have to try it to beleive. And even better, since my son cannot have gluten found in regular pizza, their gluten free specialty pie is perfect for even him!!! You have to stop by to truly understand why this place is such a great restaurtant. There are a lot of different pizzerias on the island, but this one by far is the best.

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                I have never had pizza from Villa Ponte, but your posting has encouraged me to try it. I like the Grandma Pie at Justino's on Guyon Ave so if it's as good or bettter than theirs, I'll look forward to checking it out.
                Thanks for the toppings suggestions :-}