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Apr 20, 2007 07:13 AM

Gibson's or Morton's? Out of Towner looking for the Quintessential Chicago Steakhouse Experience

I've been perusing this board and Gayots and the guidebooks and I've narrowed it down to these two. No need to debate Chicago Chop House, Tavern on Rush, Gene and Georgetti, Keefer's, Capital Grille, or your other favorites. We've narrowed it down to these two.

Gibson's - Pro's: An only in Chicago experience with good/great steaks and a history.

Morton's - Really well regarded, started in Chicago. Con: Now it's a chain and can it truly be regarded as "only in Chicago?'

For a point of reference the best steak/unique steakhouse experience we've had was Peter Luger's, the Brooklyn location in NYC. Been-there-forever atmosphere. Excellent martini's. Superior steak quality. If we could find this again in Chicago we'd be happy campers.

Which one should we choose?

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  1. May I cast the first vote?


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    1. re: mardy

      I've never had a bad steak at Gibson's and every out-of-towner I've taken there has left happy.

    2. Both are good places, so I wouldn't agonize too much over the decision. Whichever you choose, just make sure you have a reservation, as both places can get busy. If you're not planning far in advance, either place may be booked at the time you want to go. Both accept reservations on (although sometimes you can get a reservation by calling a restaurant even when opentable doesn't show openings).

      1. Gibson's. Go for a Chicago experience. Morton's is a chain. Moreover, like the atmosphere better at Gibson's and it is in an area with more going on.

        1. Gibson's. The WR Chicago cut is my boyfriend's favorite steak ever, and the atmosphere is much more fun than Morton's.

          1. If this was circa 1978 when Mortons was, well, Mortons, then there might be a decision here. But Jfood does not do Mortons anywhere and went to Gibson's in January on a trip through Chicago and was very pleased with both steak and service.

            Please do not try to compare to PL's, no place can, but with these two in your Championship Round, it's hand's down Gibsons.

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              +1 on that. Morton's was great back in the 80's, but it just can't stand up to the Gibson's of here and now. If you are only allowing a vote for Gibson's or Morton's, definitely Gibson's. But I'd still do Keefer's, DB's Primehouse or Custom House over either Morton's or Gibson's.