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Apr 20, 2007 07:08 AM

Can Can Brasserie in Richmond, VA

This is a report for a meal we had last night at Can Can in the Carytown section of Richmond. We love this place for it's festive atmosphere, great interior design, impeccable service, and a menu unlike any other restaurant in town. I got there early and had a seat at the long zinc bar and asked the bartender for a bold red. He suggested a nice Bordeaux which I did not get the name of but it was nice.

My wife and I started with a half-dozen chilled mussels cooked just right (not chewy or mooshy at all). It was served with an onion-dill butter and a slice of lemon. For our entrees I had the plat du jour which on this day was a filet of beef garbure with roasted veggies (fava beans, haricots verts, snow peas, sunchoke) and potatoes in a beef broth. The filet was cooked medium rare and while not large it was just the right size to leave me room for dessert. It was topped by a small smear of a mild mustardy-like sauce and a few fried onions thinly sliced. My wife had the braised short ribs with roasted butternut squash and a port wine reduction. The ribs were of the cross cut variety with three bones in and the meat was 2-3 inches think. The meat was very well seasoned and very tender. There was no way she was going to finish all that so she has a nice lunch for today. The roasted butternut squash was great. Not mushy but with a consistency more like a roasted potato.

For dessert and I had their carrot cake topped with roasted pineapple slices and accompanied by a small scoop of coconut ice cream. The cake was more of a cupcake but was moist and tasty. I really liked the coconut ice cream as well. My wife had the pear gallete served with a small cup of pear soup and scoop of lemon ice cream. That pear soup was really good! And because we had asked about it, our server brought us each a cup of the hot chocolate which is slightly thinned melted chocolate (not cocoa).

Total tab including the glass of wine, coffee, tea, and tax was $86.

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  1. When my husband and I lived in Richmond, we nearly went broke eating at the Can Can. It is almost exactly like the brasseries we visited while in Paris. Breakfast. lunch, and dinner, I would recommend this place for any meal any time. It is what I miss more than anything else about Richmond. That and Ellwood Thompson's. Thanks for brining it to folks attention.

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      I agree as I have also been for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I've even been in to sit at the bar with a coffee and croissant to read the paper. It's a nice quiet place to do that on a weekday morning.