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Apr 20, 2007 06:56 AM

Another Patisserie on Monkland

I noticed yesterday that in the Garram Massala spot there will be another patisserie opening called Choc'O'Late

Within two blocks on Monkland there is Premire Moissan, Pain Dore, Patisserie Nancy,
Organic Bakery and four coffee shops serving a selection of bakery goods.

Can another place make money?

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  1. Yup, I wondered the same thing and you'll find some more thoughts here:

    Perhaps the nut-free angle will give it another market...?

    1. I doubt it highly. Great location for the wrong business.

      1. Exactly what I was wondering aloud the other day. Not only is there the extensive competition, but the cost of rent on Monkland is criminal, and that place is BIG. They better be pretty good or have something extra-special to offer. Even Ben & Jerry's has renovated to include an 'espresso bar'.

        1. I think the organic bakery might be closed, and I have no idea how Nancy is still in business. A palmier I bought there was noticeably, and therefore inedibly, burned. What patissier with any self respect sells burned pastry? My only other experience there was a cake that turned out to be lemon and chocolate, and it tasted as bad as it sounds. Hopefully the new one will be better, although I would rather not see another pastry or coffee shop.

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            You talking about Boulangerie Monsieur Pacheco(the organic bakery)? You're right, I think they have recently closed.