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Apr 20, 2007 06:00 AM

Lunch in the Chelsea Market

I love the Chelsea Market - the architecture is incredible and there is always a good vibe in the building. I love to see all the food companies making their food and it's nice to be able to buy retail from them. However, I find there really is no place to get lunch in the building, especially if you want to sit down. There seems to be tons of office workers looking for food at lunch time, but I can never figure out why there aren't more options. I like the Thai place which has a few seats, but more often than not, I find I have to leave the building and go to 8th Avenue to grab a bite. It's not like in midtown where you have a good deli or even Cosi or Pret on every other corner. Am I crazy or is the Chelsea Market like the Grand Central Food Market upstairs but missing a real dining concourse? Any suggestions on what I might be missing and where I should go? Thanks.

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  1. There is 202 at Nicole Farhi. Decent lunch and GREAT brunch!

    1. I am jealous you can go to Chelsea Market for lunch everyday!
      I like the Green Table (Cleaver Company).
      or, now that it is finally warming up, you can get something to go (antipasti, pasta, and sandwiches from the italian place, or sushi/seafood salads from the lobster place) and have a picnic at the park by the river!

      1. Amy's Bread has a menu of sandwiches -- using their delicious breads, of course -- and salads, as well as a variety of cookies and cakes, the latter available by the slice. Unfortunately, unlike the 9th Av. location, they don't have any seating, but lilnugget's picnic in the park suggestion is a good one.

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          Actually they do have a few tables at Amy's Bread. Not a lot, maybe 10(?) small tables. Not sure when you were last there, but I was there about 3 weeks ago.

          1. re: valerie

            Thanks for that info, valerie. I haven't been there since the fall. Are the tables inside on the right or outside in front of the shop?

            1. re: RGR

              Inside to the right. Definitely not place to linger, but fine for a quick sandwich. Actually, now that I think about it, I was there on a Tuesday, maybe around 12:15 and there wasn't a wait for a table. Most people were getting food to go.

              1. re: valerie

                I'll bet they've been there all along, but I never noticed because I've only stopped in briefly to buy bread and then scooted out.