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Apr 20, 2007 06:00 AM

Julia's in Atlantic Highlands

Has anyone been to Julia's in Atlantic Highlands? I'm new to Chowhound so forgive me if this has been asked & answered recently.

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  1. Never actually tried the place. I looked at the menu and thought to myself, "Another Italian place??!!"

    Not saying the food is not good, but I have never been nor has anyone I know. I am sure, Peaches, someone will help you out on this board. I like Bobo's for appetizers and drinks.

    Welcome to the board! (It's so addictive!!)

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      Thanks. We moved here from NYC a couple of years ago and have struggled to find good local places to eat. I actually like Italian food but have yet to find a really good one in the area (most are pretty awful!!) although "I Cavallini" is not bad.

    2. As someone who doesn't usually pick Italian for a night out, I was pleasantly suprised at Julia's. My husband wanted to try it, so we went and I liked everything I had....definetly try the dessert sorbets!

      1. We have been a couple of times and would go back. Sometimes the kitchen seems to get backed up but the food has been pretty good. Here are a couple of discussions of Julia's and other restaurants in the area that might help. If the search engine were working I would be able to point you to more.

        If you comb this board a little you should be able to put together a fairly good list of places to eat in the area. It's not easy but it is possible.

        1. We finally tried Julia's last night for a quick bite before a movie. We started with cocktails at the bar. I had a delightful martini that was Grey Goose and pear nectar. The sweetness of the nectar was masked by the abundance of the vodka and it was quite nice. My DH tried their Mojito. It was a bit too sweet for him. We decided to eat at the bar. I ordered a dish that sounded interesting. It was andouille sausage and roasted red peppers in a gorgonzola cheese and cream sauce over campanelli. My DH ordered a balsamic chicken dish served with fingerling potatoes and veggies. They brought out a basket of focaccia bread with a dipping sauce that was rather unique and very good. I am not sure of the ingrediants, meant to ask, but before I could our meals came out. Their kitchen was really quick. My meal was an interesting combination of flavors, However, it was very rich so I could only manage to eat a few fork fulls before being done because it was becoming overwhelming. I probably would have enjoyed that more as an appetizer portion. I brought it home but imagine that it will not reheat well because the sauce will probably seperate. My husband really enjoyed his chicken dish and there were no leftovers to worry about there. We split a creme brulee for dessert and enjoyed it. The bill came to just over $90 for the two of us (which included a wine for me with dinner, and a beer for him with dinner as well as one after dinner cocktail). We thought the quality was worthy of the prices and will probably go back again. Love the ambiance in there as well. It was redone nicely.

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            Is there an on line menu I can look at?

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              Their website went down a few months ago but they are still open.