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non homogenised milk in NYC?

Where can I find some non-homogenised milk in NYC? There was a guy selling it at the Union Square greenmarket last year, but he disappeared. At the time, greenmarket management told me he probably wouldn't be back.

Manhattan or Brooklyn preferred, but I'll travel to other boroughs/LI/NJ if I have to...

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  1. Here's a country-wide listing of raw milk sources. New York State is represented:

    1. Saxelby Cheese in the Essex Street market has it. Top quality, top price.

      1. Are you looking for un-homogenized milk or un-pasteurized milk? For the former, Ronnybrook Dairy sells creamline milk at their shop in the Chelsea Market and at various Greenmarkets around town.

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          un-homogenized! I like the cream on top. I had no idea Ronnybrook carries this, thanks for the tip. I'll look at Saxleby's too...

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            raw milk-- NOT pasteurized-- supposedly can only be bought at the farm-- NOT retail. an article on raw milk appeared around August 10th or so in The Times in the food section

          2. Whole Foods has the Sky Top brand, it says not homogenized on it.

            1. Ronnybrook creamline milk can be bought at Whole Foods, Fairway (in small bottles), and Citarella. Probably elsewhere, but I've definitely purchased it at those three places.

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                i think ronnybrook must show up at multiple greenmarkets around town. they are definitely at west 97th st. on fridays (that's where i get the creamline). and also when you buy keep the glass container -- when you return it, they take $1 off your next purchase.

              2. Union Market, The Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket are a few places that sell Ronnybrook Farms in Brooklyn. There are also a bunch of little places along 7th Avenue that also carry it.

                1. I got it from Freshdirect...Ronnybrook All Natural Creamline Milk - 64oz, $3.69/ea, here's their description:

                  Family-owned and run, Ronnybrook Farms produces wholesome, pesticide, GBH and antibiotic-free dairy products in small batches and delivers them at their peak of freshness. Called the "Dom Perignon" of dairy by the New York Times, "Creamline" milk is old-fashioned whole milk made the way the cow delivers it. Pasteurized but not homogenized, the cream floats to the top. Spoon it off for your coffee, or shake it up for delicious, creamy whole milk.

                  No Pesticides
                  All Natural
                  RBST Free
                  No Preservatives
                  Antibiotic Free

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                    Dang, you get a gallon of fancy milk for $3.69? That is CHEAP. Good find.