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Apr 20, 2007 04:58 AM

What should I do with osmanthus flower jam?

Any ideas? I love the scent and flavor, but I don't want to just eat it out of th jar, and putting it on toast doesn't seem right either.

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  1. It is quite delicious if you make a porridge of millet and spoon some of the jam on top. Also delicious on warm buttered brioche, or as an accompaniment to a cheese tray.

    1. with cream cheese or mascarpone on nice sweet white bread, with tea.

      Osmanthus is one of the true sleeper plant fragrances, never knew jelly or jam could be made from the flowers--they're tiny! that's dedication. Do you know of the origin?

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        Got it in China. I tried it first in a restaurant (Yunnan style) where they served it as a dipping sauce for banana pancakes. I've also had it in a few restaurants where they serve it over sliced lotus root. The flowers are suspended whole in the jam, which is thin, almost honey like.

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          I am so jealous. Thr fragrance of Osmanthus is one of my favorite things in the world.

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            gosh, if you ever see this stateside, please post, I'd love to try it!

        2. Sorry so late to the thread - I am normally not on this board.

          Osmanthus flower jam is common in my part of China - the greater Shanghai region. Traditionally, it is used to flavor brothy desserts - most commonly in sweet taro soups (taro skinned and chopped into chunks, cooked in brown sugar water), but also possibly in red bean soups with little rice balls. I smuggled a couple of packs to the US (what with the no liquid ban and all), and have used it in sweet potato soups (similar to taro soups). Osmanthus has a wonderful aroma - I have been looking for osmanthus perfume here with no luck, but was able to find an osmanthus plant in a local nursery.