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Apr 20, 2007 12:51 AM

Dublin eats for the solo diner?

Will be in Dublin on business and am looking for suggestions on where to go as a solo diner. I don't like to occupy a table by myself - I end up feeling a bit conspicuous. Any great restaurants with bars where you can eat? The last time I was in Dublin, the sushi was still a bit iffy - has that changed?

Any and all advice is welcome.

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  1. The sushi is probably still a little iffy- if you want to try, I suggest Yamamouri on Georges Street as your best bet on this front.

    for bar eating, try:
    Cornicopia, Wicklow Street (for early dinners) Vegetarian food, with a window bar; great for solo eating

    Wagamama (Under St Stephens Green Shopping Centre) has benches, which is less intimidating if you are eating on your own.

    The Epicurean Centre (Abbey Street) is a cafeteria style place, again for early evening eating which has bar seating set up

    there are more... I will need to have another think... :)